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Sep 26 2014

What Are Your Dust Bunnies Doing in Your Vacuum Bag?

Crucial Vacuum - Dust Bunnies

Talking about dust bunnies is like a taboo.

You don’t want to think about them, speak about them or acknowledge their presence. However if you haven’t change your vacuum bag in a while, the dust bunnies you’ve collected have been multiplying and growing. Although they may look like harmless hair and dust, studies show that bacteria, mold, and other organism are lurking.

Hair and dust are great sources for bacteria and other organism to leach onto. Remember in 8th grade science class when you collected samples from everywhere and swabbed it on a petri dish and the next day, it was infected with bacteria growth? The dark environment within your vacuum bag is also the perfect home for organism to multiply. On top of that especially with older vacuum cleaners, the suction from the vacuum could potentially return all the bacteria back into the air you breathe.

Crucial Vacuum - Dust in Vacuum

So what can we do to make sure you keep your home safe from dust bunnies? Use a HEPA filter to prevent bacteria from blowing back into your air and replace it regularly to make sure bacteria doesn’t sit in your filter as well. All vacuum filters should be replaced every 3-6 months and if you have a washable and reusable filter, wash it every 3-4 weeks. However it’s a different story with your vacuum cleaner bag.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t vacuum as frequently as I should. However as a rule of thumb, a regular sized vacuum’s bag should only last a month. If your bag is 50-60 percent full, it is time to change your vacuum bag.

Keep your home clean by regularly changing your vacuum bag and filter.

Sep 19 2014

Simple Checklist for a Fall Ready Home

Crucial Vacuum Autumn Checklist

Click here for a free Fall Cleaning Checklist!

Pumpkin flavored everything, nice cool days, leaves changing colors, delicious stews and soups, and Halloween! How can you not get excited for fall? But before you bring out your sweaters and start ordering that delicious pumpkin spiced latte, you need to get your house fall-ready and here is how.

Crucial Vacuum - Herb

With all the apple picking, pumpkin carving, and corn maze fun to be done, I don’t like to miss even one day of my fall weekends. So I try to get my fall cleaning overall done before fall starts especially during the weekdays. Now, as I am a full-time working mom of a 19 month old baby girl, this may seem like an impossible task but if you divide your house in five easy sections, it can get done in five days.

Starting with the kitchen, to get it ready for all those delicious fall and holiday cookouts, I started by putting my oven in a 3 hours self-cleaning cycle, having this feature is definitely a blessing. In the meantime, I grabbed my disinfectant wipes and wiped every corner of my kitchen and used those lemony wood cleaning sprays to clean and polish the cabinets. Once I’m done, I emptied my fridge and wiped it clean with a damp cloth and then I when to my pantry and brought out all the fall season spices for all those delicious recipes to come. Finally, I vacuumed and swept my kitchen’s floors to catch any crumbs or dirt that I cleaned off from the counter tops.

Crucial Vacuum

Cleaning the living, dining and family rooms can be a tough task, especially if you have messy little ones like I do. I normally go overboard with the fall theme all throughout the house and love replacing the sofa covers and cushions with a variety of orange and golden tones, but before I did, I vacuumed and steamed all of our upholstery andfreshen them with a fresh scented spray (you can even use a pumpkin and nutmeg scent if you really want it to smell like fall!). Cleaning the bedrooms is pretty standard, but I love how the mattress feels like new every time I flip and rotate it. Talking about a total cost cutting trick! Make sure to get your linens ready for the colder weather and take out the blankets and flannel sheets.


The bathroom is my biggest nemesis! I rather wash a million dirty dishes than getting my hands into scrubbing a nasty toilet. But since it has to be done, I quickly do them all on the same day to get it over with.Last, the outside, which my handy hubby usually takes care of, but is still easy to do myself. To clean your windows and screens you can even recruit your little ones for one last chance for outdoor play time with the hose, just put on the bathing suits, bring out the bubbles and make it a fun task. Once my little one is old enough, believe me when I say she will get to play with the water and wash the windows with me. Remember to store all summer toys and gardening items, clean and cover your patio furniture and your BBQ or grill. Last, and most important, inspect your furnace, chimney and gutters, have them cleaned and replace all needed filters.

So, get to it and get your home fall ready with our printable Simple Fall Cleaning Checklist! Fall your house up, put away those shorts and flip flops and enjoy the most beautiful seasons of them all!

Fall Cleaning Checklist - Crucial Vacuum
Sep 12 2014

Which vacuum attachment tool for which surface?

Crucial Vacuum - Attachment

Vacuum cleaners usually come with several different kinds of attachments. But if you’re like me, you usually stick to one or two attachments and the rest get stored away. However learning what each attachment does can maximize your vacuum’s efficiency and get you the deepest clean.

Beater Bar Attachment

32mm turbo air driven tool

The beater bar attachment is my favorite vacuum attachment. It is the head on most upright vacuums. It is also called a power or turbo brush. It’s known as the beater bar attachment because it has a beater bar or brush roller. It’s your basic all around tool. The beater bar stirs up dust and debris from the surface, while the suction picks it up. It’s the best for carpets.

Crevice Tool

Dyson DC07 DC14 Crevice Tool

The Crevice tool is my second favorite vacuum attachment. It gets in between tight areas and my ceiling. I even clean my laptop’s keyboard with it especially with the mini micro attachment tool kit. It fits perfectly under the refrigerator and extracts all the dust from my A.C.



Dusting Brush

Dyson DC07 DC14 Dusting Brush Tool

The dusting brush tool is one that spends the most time stored away. However when utilized probably, it is the best tool for delicate cleaning. Your window blinds, mirrors, lampshades, windowsills, fine china, art and even your family dog or cat can be vacuumed using the dusting brush attachment. Ceiling fan blades no longer require their own separate attachment. And on a lower suction setting, you can even vacuum your house plants.


Upholstery Tool

Dyson DC07 DC14 Upholstery Tool

The upholstery tool usually has red velour strips to pick up dust and debris. It’s small size allows it to easily detail furniture and mattresses. You can also gently clean clothing and outerwear including wool, and fur coats.




Floor Nozzle

crucial swirl vacuum with logo

The rug and floor nozzle attachment has no beater brush. Since it does not have a beater brush, it solely relies on suction. It is smooth underneath making it best for delicate carpets, low piled carpets and hard surfaces.




Floor Brush

Miele floor Tool

The floor brush attachment tool is best for wood floors. The bristles under the brush are shaped in rectangular openings, like Jack O’ Lantern’s teeth, to prevent scratches. You can also use them on brick, stone and tile floors.



Sep 1 2014

Meet Our Team Monday: Chad, CEO

Meet Our Team Monday - Chad

Meet Chad:

Chad started Crucial Vacuum in 2008 on his couch. When most people were telling him how impossible his dreams were, Chad was determined to grow Crucial Vacuum to what it is today. Chad has become a serial entrepreneur allowing all of us to join in his journey to further and improve ourselves.

What is one of your favorite quotes?

​So many to choose from. Here’s what been on my mind lately. “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” -Wayne Gretzky

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

Tony Hsieh / Tim Ferris.

What is one item that you could not live without?

Exceptionally good coffee.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

There’s a lot more I’d like to learn but the Harmonium instrument has interested me lately. I own one, but have not yet been able to deeply dive in head first.

If you knew the world was ending in 2015, what would you do differently?
I’d drop everything and travel the world.
What is your favorite clean hack?
By changing your vacuum belt, you make your vacuum cleaner like brand new. Have you ever noticed how ineffective, and useless your vacuum cleaner is after sometimes only a month of use? The motor turns the belt, and the belt turns the vacuum’s roller. Over time, that belt (it’s like a rubber band) stretches and looses its tension. This affects your vacuum’s ability to pick up dirt and dust on your carpeting and floors. So if you notice your vacuum just doesn’t suck the way it should; Take your vacuum apart, notice any broken or missing parts. If it’s all clear, check your belt!
Aug 29 2014

5 Clean Hack Tips: Back to College Edition

5 Cleaning Tips for College Students

If you haven’t already checked into college, it’s crunch time to figure out how to survive without your parents. Habits formed in college foreshadow habits for your future, at least that’s true for all of us here at Crucial Vacuum. Although cleaning is the last item on your mind when going off to college, it is a necessary chore that is now solely reliant on you. Our Crucial team has compiled clean hacking tips and tricks from our experiences in college to help you easily transition into a independent college student.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser are the best way to get those unknown stains off your surfaces. We’ve all used them in college when those mysterious stains accumulated because we decided to ignore them. The Magic Erasers replace both a sponge and cleaning agent and they are easy to find at local convenience stores however they can get pricy. Our recommendation to make the Magic Erasers last longer is to cut them to size depending on what you need to clean.

Clorox Wipes
2. Dorm rooms aren’t known to be spacious. The last item you want taking up space is probably cleaning products. Clorox wipes are great because they are disinfectants, plus you can use them on several surfaces. We at Crucial Vacuum are in unison that these were and still are to date the only product we use daily to clean. They can clean and disinfect your microwave and clean dirt off of your sneakers.

3. The one product readily available at college can make the best cleaning agent just by mixing it with water. What product are we talking about? Vodka. By mixing 1 parts vodka with 2 parts of water makes a all purpose cleaner. It works great on glass surfaces and mirrors and the smell disappears as it dries, although in college you could just blame it on your roommate.

shout_wipes4. If you are messy or avoid doing your laundry, Shout wipes will be your best friend. Before you throw your dirty clothes into the basket, scrub the Shout Wipe against it to get rid of the stain. Then by the time you get around to doing your laundry, your clothes will be free from stains. You can also carry some around in your backpack to prepare for any accidents.

Swiffer Wet Jet


5. The last clean hack is with the product that should be in every home with bare floors even if it’s just the kitchen, a Swiffer Wet Jet. Although it is priced higher than the regular Swiffer, if you constantly find your socks dirty from your floors, invest in the Wet Jet version. It is so easy to clean with and it does a great job.

Of course we would recommend a vacuum however they’re just too bulky to have in a college dorm or apartment. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or email us at support@crucialvacuum.com. We would love to hear about your experiences!