Apr 1 2012

Crucial Spring Cleaning Tips

The first signs of spring bring about the desire to open windows, clear out old, stale air, and begin clearing dust and cobwebs from the corners of their home. The task can be daunting, but some tips and tricks from cleaning specialists will turn spring cleaning into a simple task!

Declutter first!

Myra suggests that you declutter before you begin deep cleaning. Go through each room in your home and survey the piles, paying special attention to ‘junk cabinets and drawers’ to eliminate items that you no longer need. If you have a stack of papers that you haven’t yet surfed through, do it! Separate everything into bins for recycling, items to sell or donate, and garbage. With fewer items, it’s much easier to clean effectively.

Plan your cleaning strategy.

Rooms used most often typically have greater build-up and require more intensive cleaning while rooms used sparingly become catch-all places in a house. By decluttering your home, it will be much easier to clean the least-used rooms. Seeing a sparkling bright room will keep momentum working in your favor for the more challenging rooms.

Clean from top to bottom.

Let gravity work in your favor and begin by dusting the ceiling, ceiling fan, and light fixtures. Don’t forget the cobwebs in the corners or on crown molding. Work your way down the walls, over furniture, and down to the baseboards and flooring. Rose, a professional cleaner, suggests that you wait thirty minutes before vacuuming after dusting to allow the particles to settle.

Build a cleaning schedule.

Spring cleaning is a simple task when you follow a weekly cleaning schedule. Follow the same top-to-bottom cleaning method for one room in your home every week. By deep cleaning one room weekly, you’ll keep clutter and dirt down to a minimum. A clean home is a happy home and yours will be smiling brightly.

We know you’ll find something great in these spring cleaning tips. I can’t help but wonder if Rose has put an end to the question; Vacuum or dust first?