Aug 2 2013

Dyson DC49 Set To Be Smallest, Lightest Vacuum In Company’s History

Breaking news just in: Dyson announced the arrival of their newest vacuum cleaner, the DC49!

The Dyson DC49 will be the company’s smallest, lightest, and most technologically advanced vacuum to date. Dys0n’s come a long way in the USA with many iterations since they launched their first vacuum cleaner – the Dyson DC07 in the USA. This new release by Dyson is definitely something to marvel. Perfect for those city dwellers!

The vacuum is no larger than the standard sheet of printer paper and weighs less than six pounds

(Hang on to those dumbbells people)! Compared to the DC47 which is the previous Dyson ball vacuum model, this new vacuum is 30 percent smaller and significantly lighter. The Dyson DC49 vacuum is able carry all these features while still being the least noisy vacuum the company sells.


How did Dyson make this vacuum so small? Dyson was able to develop this vacuum with their new digital motor which offers Dyson the ability to shrink the size of the vacuum so significantly. But no worries Dyson groupies, this vacuum not only packs the same punch as the previous models, but actual exceeds the vacuum in suction capability and can pick up particles even smaller than the Dyson DC47 Ball.

How big is the dust bin? The Dyson DC49 has a dust bin that clocks in at .5 liters. While this is definitely a small size, this will allow the vacuum to be extremely light and portable to its users. Additionally, Dyson has assured its customers that it is the perfect vacuum for an apartment or a small home.

Unfortunately, the release of the Dyson DC49 Ball Vacuum is currently exclusive to the United Kingdom. However, we are willing to bet that this vacuum is headed to the good ole U.S. of A. in the next few months. While the price point might be high, this is definitely the perfect vacuum for those followers whose space is a premium and vacuum aficionados who hate too much noise! Dogs everywhere thank you!

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