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Jul 1 2014

Clean Your Barbecue Grill Naturally

Clean Your Grill Naturally

The Fourth of July is almost near and that means most people are getting their charcoal and burgers ready for their barbecue.

July 4th always brings back the memory of savory burgers and perfectly charred corn-on-the-cobs that only a grill can achieve. However with all the food prep, we tend to forget the most important part of grilling, cleaning and maintenance. Food tastes better when you’re not grilling on top of old grease and burnt food bits.

You could opt to use traditional cleaning chemicals but trade off with potentially harmful residue left behind that could make you sick. Or by using basic ingredients found in your kitchen, you can easily clean your grill for a natural clean.

For a basic degreaser:

Dampen your grill brush and dip it in baking soda. Then scrub your grill until it’s clean. Then simply rinse it off and your ready for your next grill.

For a deep clean:

Place the grates into a large garbage bag. Add a solution of one cup vinegar and half a cup of basking soda into the bag and soak it overnight. The burnt residue should easily loosen for a quick and easy clean.