Nov 24 2014

How to Be a Great Thanksgiving Dinner Guest


Every Thanksgiving I can’t help but remember a piece of advice my father always told me growing up, ‘Whenever you go to someone’s house you should be knocking on the door with your knees and elbows because your hands should be full.’ A lot of articles this Thanksgiving season are going to focus on how to be a great host for Thanksgiving, but this particular one is going to help you be the best Thanksgiving dinner guest you can be for your host’s sake. 

What can I bring?

Going back to my fathers old saying – be sure to ask your host if there’s anything you can bring. Making that entire meal is a lot of work and as a guest it’s your responsibility to lift some of the burden off your host. Look to see if you can bring a side dish, or dessert. Maybe there’s a pumpkin pie recipe you’ve been hankering to try – now’s the time to let your inner baker out.


Bring your own serving dishes.

If you’ve volunteered to make something then be sure to bring your own serving dishes and utensils. Don’t expect your host to have all the proper dishes for your meal. By bringing your own serving plates your host will end up washing one less dish at the end of the night, which believe me will make a big difference to them.

A small gift has a big impact.

It doesn’t hurt to bring a small gift for your host as a thank you. This isn’t completely necessary but at the same time it’s really going to show your appreciation for their hospitality and hard work. A few simple ideas would be a fancy bottle of wine, some assorted cheeses or a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to brighten up the meal.


Don’t show up too early.

Usually when someone is hosting Thanksgiving they’re on a tight schedule making sure the food is ready at the right time, worrying about older relatives making it there safely, coordinating with guests traveling from long distances. They’ve got a lot on their plates (literally) and don’t need a wrench thrown into their plans by having you show up an hour earlier than expected.

Lend a helping hand.

Be sure to ask the host if you can help out in the kitchen at all. They will greatly appreciate it (should they need the help) if not STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN. If you’re not doing anything productive in the kitchen then be sure to stay clear and let them do what they need.

Stay positive and be thankful.

Don’t be negative and complain while you’re there. The last thing your host and their guests need to hear is how the turkey is too dry or the stuffing too bland. Be grateful, because after all this is the holiday to give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life be it your family, friends or bland stuffing.

Help clean up!

You will be a rock star in the eyes of your host if you volunteer to clean up after the meal. There will be a ton of dishes to be washed, chairs to be put away and much more. Ask them what you can do and get to it.

Thanksgiving is just a few short days away and it’s important to be considerate and grateful for one another and all the great things going on in our lives. We hope these tips can make your Thanksgiving that much better and we here at Crucial Vacuum hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.