Jan 29 2015

10 Ways to Save Energy and Keep Your Home Warm


How’s the winter treating you so far, or rather how is the winter treating your wallet? Save energy this winter and be mindful of increasing costs. These frugal tips will easily warm your home, save energy and all without breaking the bank.

1) It’s time to seal and caulk both the inside and outside of your windows. Seal around the edge of the sills; look to use a water-resistant product so moisture doesn’t affect the integrity of the seal. This will also ensure that the paint around your windows doesn’t get damaged come springtime when you open your windows.


2) A very simple way to keep the warm air in your home is to block off the bottoms of your doorways. You can use a bath towel to do this, or buy a specialty made device for further efficiency. You’d be amazed how much warm air escapes from these areas.

3) Insulating your home is crucial. This may be the priciest frugal strategy to save energy this winter, but it makes the difference a. A general rule of thumb is to have 12 inches of insulation in your attic for the best heat retention.

4) I know hot showers in the winter are one of the better parts of the day, but it is costing you quite a lot of money. By turning your water heater down just one notch you can save on heating costs up to 10%.

5) Be sure to clean the air filter in your homes heating unit. Vacuum the filter to remove dust and cobwebs from the previous season. By having a clean filter it will not only improve the air quality in your home, but will make it easier for your heater to do its job and push warm air out. For more info on the importance of air quality of your home check out our other blog post.


6) The ductwork in your home is crucial when it comes to heating. If it’s not well insulated, or dirty, it will impede airflow and make your heating system work much harder than it should. Check the ducts in your basement and attic. Vacuum them out, be sure to use your vacuums attachments, and lastly seal any gaps that are visible with metal backed tape.

7) Close doors and vents in parts of the house you’re not using regularly. There’s no need to heat a room all winter that you barely use.

8) When you know you’re going to be cooking a big meal, or baking, be sure to turn down your heat and allow your oven to warm the house instead. Try scheduling your cooking and baking schedule for when people are home and can enjoy the extra warmth.


9) During the day when the suns out have the drapes and curtains open. In this case solar energy is free and is worth taking full advantage of. Let the sun in and enjoy.

10) Put a sweater on! This is by far the most efficient and cheapest way to stay warm inside during the winter. Layer up and be comfortable. There’s no need to be walking around the house in a t-shirt with the thermostat cranked. You’ll feel cozier and your heating bill will thank you.


Stay warm this winter and hope these tips can help you and your family!