Jan 8 2015

The Importance of Air Quality in Your Home



The air quality in your home is one of the most crucial health factors in your daily life.

With the winter months here and most of us spending our days inside with the windows shut it’s more important than ever to promote healthy air quality in your home. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you breathe easier.

The Importance of Filters

Whether you have a dehumidifier, or an air purifier it’s important to change your filters. Overtime these filters will get clogged and will not perform optimally. This means you and your families are breathing in an overwhelming amount of allergens. Dust, dust mites and pollen are just a few pollutants that are a detriment to your health. Who wants to breathe in dust mites? Not me.

Here’s some further information in regards to changing your Air Purifier Filters and what to look for.


Poor Air Quality Means Poor Health

For those of you with children, especially those with asthma, or other seasonal allergies, it’s essential to promote clean crisp air to breathe. We tell our children to eat healthy, drink healthy, but do we advise them to breathe healthy?

Watery eyes, runny noses and coughing are just a few of the symptoms you and your family may experience, especially in these winter months when the house is sealed up.

Use these following tips to help promote healthy air quality in your home:

  • When cooking use an exhaust fan or crack open a window
  • Tighten leaky plumbing to help prevent moisture
  • Empty pans in your air conditioning unit and dehumidifier
  • Make your home a non-smoking home.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector for everyone’s safety.
  • Carpet traps a lot of unhealthy particles. Be sure to use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to ensure a better overall clean.
  • Clean up after your pet, cleaning two times a week will greatly reduce the allergens in your home.


We hope these tips can help you during these cold winter months. So breathe easy, bundle up and feel free to comment with any tips you may have, or any questions!