Feb 18 2015

3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Hardwood Floors this Winter


The winter months have been known to cause quite a mess not just outside your home, but also inside. Those of you with hardwood floors know all to well the damage salt and other wintry elements can have.

There’s no need to worry – these 3 simple steps will help keep your hardwood floors in pristine condition all winter long.


 Install Floor Mats

Catching salt, slush and snow before it comes into your home   is as simple as placing down a floor mat near your entryway. For those of you with children who like to play outside in the winter (what kid doesn’t?), encourage them to remove their wet apparel as soon as they come inside as opposed to walking all over the house causing a mess. It’s important to keep these mats dry, a good idea would be to have two mats, one to use while the other is drying, and keep them on a constant rotation. Your hardwood floors will thank you.


Teach Your Pets 

Pets are notorious for making a mess, especially during the winter months. Whenever you’re bringing them back in from taking a walk they have a tendency to run as far into the house as possible before you’re able to wipe their paws. Entice them to stay by the door by placing a few treats in the entryway. They’ll be occupied with their snacks while you have plenty of time clean them up before they scamper off.


Humidity Helps 

When that temperature starts dropping so does the humidity. This tends to cause your hardwood floors to shrink causing spacing between your floorboards. These openings easily get filled with all manner of debris making it difficult to maintain and keep your floors clean. During these cold months a humidifier is a great investment. By keeping moisture in the air you’ll be doing not only your hardwood floors a favor, but your allergies as well. For more tips on the importance of air quality in your home check out our blog post.

We hope these 3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Hardwood Floors this Winter can help!

If you have any ideas that you utilize in your home please feel free to share in the comments!