Mar 5 2015

7 Sleeping Tips to Get Adjusted for Daylight Savings Time


Who’s ready to lose an hour of sleep this weekend? I can tell you’re all so excited to have your sleeping routine thrown off and start this Monday morning off even grumpier than normal. As of this Sunday March 8th at 2 a.m. we’re Springing Forward, gaining a little bit of sunlight, but losing that essential hour of sleep we all so desperately need after a long weekend. Aside from getting an extra large coffee come Monday morning and begrudgingly strolling into work use these 7 sleeping tips to get adjusted for daylight savings time.

Slow and Steady People

Monday mornings are lame to begin with, but to make this coming Monday a bit more tolerable start going to bed 15 minutes early tonight and every night coming up to Sunday. Both your mood and sleeping pattern over the next few days will have you ready to Rock-and-roll come Monday and it won’t feel like you’ve lost an hour at all.


Power Naps are Awesome

Naps aren’t just for kids; in fact they’re amazing for everyone. If come Monday you’re still feeling out of it, or thrown off take a 30 to 45 minute power nap in the afternoon. Now for those of you who work a 9 to 5 of course I’m not telling you to sleep at work, or am I? Nah I wouldn’t be that irresponsible (I would). If you can’t take a nap in the afternoon take a quick one once you get home from work. It’ll help your body adjust and gain some composure.

No One Knows You Like You

You should know yourself better than anyone else and if not then you need to do some soul searching. Try some Yoga go on a ‘Walkabout’ whatever works. Anyway you should know your sleeping regiments. You know the number of hours you need to function properly. Whether it’s 5 or 7 hours plan to get that much sleep so you don’t throw your body out of whack.

Don’t Get to Crazy This Weekend

I know the weekend is almost here and that means it’s party time. An all night rager is on your agenda, or you may just be staying up late to watch a marathon of House of Cards either way your sleep schedule is getting thrown off big time when you stay up late over the weekend. Instead go to bed and wake up the same time you normally would throughout the week. I know its lame, but come Monday you’ll be thankful.


Wide Awake

Ever try forcing yourself to go to sleep when you’re not tired? It’s probably one of the worst night sleeps you’ll ever have. Trust me I do it about twice a week. Instead try to go to bed tired and you’ll sleep throughout the night. Best way to do this is to exercise at some point throughout the day, even if it’s moderate exercise. Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise will go a long way for both your health and your sleeping patterns.

Is Caffeine Your Friend?

Hi, my names Jim and I have a coffee problem. I love coffee, like REALLY LOVE coffee. That’s my problem, but when it comes to consuming coffee, or any caffeine before bedtime it really throws your nights sleep into disarray. The best thing to do is not consume any caffeine whatsoever at least 3 hours before you normally go to bed. You won’t be wired and you’ll rest easy. Decaf it is then for me.


Put the Tech Away!

I know that Tweet, Facebook status and video of the baby Rhino sneezing can’t wait till tomorrow, but for your own sake put the tech away before bed. Over stimulating your senses well into the hours of the night before going to sleep will assure that you’re tossing and turning all night long. Both your mind and body need a good nights rest instead read a book, or watch something on television that’s really mellow, like a PBS documentary, or the Weather Channel – exciting stuff people.