Mar 19 2015

Its National Poultry Day – Cleaning Tips for Dealing with Raw Chicken


In honor of National Poultry Day, (yes this is actually a day) we here at Crucial Vacuum are discussing all things fowl including how to thoroughly cleanup after handling raw chicken.

These cleaning tips will leave your kitchen bacteria free and help you avoid getting food poisoning from that dreaded bacteria known as salmonella.


Most food-based illnesses could be avoided by simply washing your hands properly before and after handling food; this is especially true when it comes to raw chicken.

I’m not talking about a quick rinse under water that’s room temperature. I’m talking about a thorough rinse with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Scrub your hands completely, the front and back, as well as your fingertips and wrists.


Be sure to do this before you handle raw chicken and immediately after handling it. The last thing you need is to get sick from raw meat when it is so easily avoidable. This is your food people; don’t let a dead chicken get the better of you.

Keep Your Kitchen Surfaces Clean

Again, I can’t stress this enough, immediately after preparing raw chicken be sure to clean any utensil, or surface that has come into contact with the poultry. This should be done with hot soapy water as well.

This isn’t just for your kitchen counters I’m also talking about cutting boards and plates too. These need to be thoroughly cleaned, especially if you have a wooden cutting board. The amount of bacteria that can seep into the wood is just plain gross. Rinse thoroughly with hot soapy water, and for extra measure use an organic cleaning solution of a ½ cup of lemon juice and 2 tbsp. of baking soda. Your cutting board and plates will be bacteria free and give off a fresh lemon scent.  What’s not to like?


Paper Towels are Your Friend

Whenever possible when dealing with raw chicken use a paper towel to cleanup any mess that may occur. Whether its a raw chicken juice spill (never thought I’d type those words together), or any kind of raw meat for that matter. The paper towel needs to be disposed of right away. No sense in leaving any bacteria lingering around your kitchen. I’d go as far as throwing out the garbage after cooking a meal involving chicken at all. Why have a garbage bag with bacteria growing inside of it sitting in your home all night?

Rinse Poultry Thoroughly

Most chicken that you’ll buy at the supermarket is sprayed with detergents and disinfectants, tasty I know. In order to avoid both bacteria and other chemical ingestion make sure you rinse your chicken with hot water before preparing.

After thoroughly rinsing, a handy tip would be to have a plate with a few paper towels on it to place the chicken on after its been washed. This will help keep any spread of bacteria consolidated and manageable.


Missed a Spot?

I can’t stress this enough, clean everything that the raw chicken touched. And I mean everything. Any spot where the raw chicken touched, or you touched after handling it needs to be cleaned thoroughly with hot soapy water. Give all surfaces a good scrub down and if you can’t remember if you already cleaned something clean it again! Don’t get lazy here people do another once over for good measure. Did you know one of the main symptoms of salmonella is diarrhea and that it can be so bad that you may be hospitalized due to dehydration? Want to clean a bit more now?

On that note Crucial Fans I hope you have a lovely National Poultry Day and if on this finest of Holidays you’re looking to cook up some chicken stay hygienic and safe.