Jun 3 2015

10 Summertime Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier


How many hours do you spend throughout the week cleaning?

Probably too many and most of that time is on the weekend. It seems like cleaning our homes is never truly done and just when you finish one task there’s always something else waiting for you.

Its summertime people. Time to kickback, relax and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t get stuck inside all day cleaning. Instead use these 10 summertime cleaning tips to make your life easier, save time and catch up on some rays courtesy of Crucial Vacuum.

2-for-1 Clean 

Did you know that by applying baking soda to your couch, letting it sit for several minutes and then vacuuming it will not only leave your couch cleaner than ever, but it will also clean out your vacuum cleaner?


Bathroom Grime

Instead of using chemicals to clean your bathroom faucets simply cut a lemon in half and rub the inside over your sink and shower heads. It will not only remove any built-up grime, but leave your bathroom smelling wonderful.

No More Scrubbing 

Tired of running endless amounts of hot water over a pan, or skillet? Instead of scrubbing away tirelessly simply put some warm water, sea-salt and soap into your skillet and give it a light scrub. Any stuck substance will be removed with ease.


Have Pets? 

Are you vacuuming several times a week and still seeing pet hair all over your floor? Give your carpets a real deep clean by using a squeegee to unearth impacted pet hair. You’ll have to vacuum a lot less and any allergies you have will thank you.

Quick Blender Cleaning

Clean your blender by filling it with water, add some dish soap and turn it on for a few seconds. Rinse it out and you’re done.

Drop a Glass? 

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to clean up broken glass is to use a piece of bread. No need to spend the next twenty minutes on your hands and knees picking up every little sliver. This will get the job done quick and avoid anyone hurting themselves.

Fastest Way to Clean a Lampshade 

Notice a bit of dust on your lampshade? Easy, use a lint roller to give it a once over. You’ll have this cleaning task done in about 10 seconds.

Clean Your Dishwasher with Ease

No need to start scrubbing away at your dishwasher with cleaning solutions. Instead put a container filled with white vinegar in the top rack and sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom. Run it at the hottest cycle possible. Your dishwasher will get a deep clean, smell great and the best part is you can walk away and focus on other things like laying in your hammock.


Fan Blades are Tricky

Or are they? Cleaning fan blades is super easy. Place a pillow case over the blade and wipe from within. This will cut down on any extra dust going all over the room saving you a step in the cleaning process. Plus, now you can turn on your fans for those hot summer days.

Speed Up Your Dryer

Can’t wait to get outside, but afraid to leave the dryer running while you’re out? Place a dry and clean towel in with your wet clothes. Let the cycle run for 15 minutes then take out the originally dry towel. It will absorb a lot of the moisture and cut down on your drying time.

We hope these easy to use summertime cleaning tips can help get you out of the house quicker so you can spend time with your friends and family on those beautiful weekend days.


Have any handy cleaning tips? Be sure to share them in the comments!