Jun 10 2015

Learn How To Effectively Clean Your Grill with These Simple Steps


Summer is here and aside from beautiful weather, trips to the beach and a positive outlook its time to turn on the grill and enjoy some great food.

Learn how to effectively clean your grill using these simple steps:

Make sure you have a pair of gloves, foil, dish soap, paper towels, a grill brush, bucket and stainless-steel wipes before starting this process.

Safety First: 

Make sure both your grill and the propane tank are completely off. Once this is done remove the propane tank and put it off to the side.

1) Put on your gloves and begin by removing your grills grates as well as the metal plates underneath. Take these parts and put them in a bucket with warm water and soap. Let them soak for now. This will make cleaning these off later much easier.


2) After removing these parts your heating elements will now be exposed. Place some foil over these elements to help protect them during this cleaning routine.

3) Begin scrubbing the inside of your grill with your grill brush. The foil you placed over your heating elements will catch any excess debris that falls from scrubbing.

4) Take a damp paper towel and rub along the inside of the grill as well. This will help loosen up any excess grease that has built up in your grill. Now you can remove the foil you had placed over the heating elements.

5) Remove the drip pan located below your grill and empty it into a garbage bag. Place the pan into the bucket to let it soak along with your grates and metal plates for another two minutes.

6) After two minutes empty the bucket. Place the drip pan, grates and plates against a wall and scrub them with your grill brush. Afterwards spray them with a hose to give them a good rinse.


7) After the drip pan, plates, and grates are dry place them back into the grill then reconnect the propane tank.

8) Lastly, for aesthetic purposes take a paper towel, soak it in warm water and add a little bit of soap and give the exterior of your grill a nice wipe down. Afterwards wipe it down again with a dry cloth. If your grill has a stainless steel exterior use a stainless steel wipe to keep it looking shiny and new.

Final Step:

Now its time to light this bad boy up and start grilling. Whether its hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken or a porter house – enjoy and have a great cookout. Also, be sure to invite us – we love barbecues.