Jul 1 2015

10 Firework Safety Tips for the 4th of July


Did you know on average over 200 people are treated for fireworks-related injuries in the month of July every year? Crucial Vacuum is always about having a good time, but we’re also big advocates of safety.

The 4th of July is right around the corner. Besides celebrating our independence and cooking on the grill we’re all bound to see some fireworks.

So this 4th of July use these safety tips to make sure the good times keep rolling all weekend and no one ends up at the hospital.

1) This one may seem obvious, but be sure to never allow children to play with or go near any fireworks. This goes for sparklers too. Sparklers can burn up to 1800°F.

2) If you have been drinking, which we’re assuming most of you are (as well you should be) then you should never be handling fireworks. Remember those 200 related injuries during the month of July? Most of those involved both fireworks and alcohol. Drink responsibly.

3) Purchase your fireworks legally. This lets you know that there are certain safety measures that have been put into place. When you end up buying fireworks from some shady dealer’s car trunk you never know what you’re getting. Actually, this rule applies with anything you’re purchasing.

4) Make sure to light all of your fireworks outdoors and away from buildings, trees or any flammable objects. 20,000 insurance claims are filed annually in relation to firework mishaps.

5) NEVER re-light, or pickup fireworks that haven’t discharged properly. Wait ten minutes then place the firework in a bucket of water. Why risk it? 

6) Going back to tip #5. Soak all used fireworks in water before throwing them away. No one wants a garbage fire in their home, or any fire in their home for that matter.

7) When lighting fireworks make sure they are secured on the ground and away from your body. Don’t hold fireworks while lighting them. Having ten fingers is very useful. Keep it that way.

8) We’re all about do it yourself here at Crucial Vacuum, but not when it comes to fireworks. Don’t get creative this 4th of July, leave the production of fireworks to the professionals.

9) It never hurts to have a fire-extinguisher nearby and a hose at the ready. Better safe than sorry.

10) Lastly, obey all of your local laws regarding fireworks. You can easily check with your municipality as to the rules and regulations.

All things considered have an awesome 4th of July. Stay safe, have fun and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, which doesn’t leave much.

We hope these 4th of July firework safety tips can be of use. To continue with the festivities be sure to join Crucial Vacuums Red, White & Blue Vacuum giveaway. Visit our Facebook and Twitter for more details!