Jul 16 2015

How to Clean During the Week to Free Up Your Weekends

Most people fail to realize that your weekends don’t have to consist of an endless cleaning frenzy – especially during the summer. Weekends should be spent enjoying yourself and having fun preferably with a rum infused drink by a pool. Here’s a Mojito recipe – just because.

What it comes down to is being able to balance your work/life schedule throughout the week. By spending a little bit of time everyday cleaning you’ll see a drastic change in the levels of awesomeness in your weekends. You could be doing fun stuff like this.

Here’s a simple schedule to follow to learn how to clean your home during the week to free up your weekends.

Surprisingly not everything has to be done all at once. If you’re able to complete even just one task a day throughout the week you will be able to cut down on your stress level and workload.


Stop Clutter at the Door

Right when you walk into your house after a long day you should have a designated spot for putting everyday items. These could be keys, purses, jackets etc. There’s no need to have items scattered throughout your home. If they’re all in one spot this makes cleaning, and organizing a whole lot easier for you.

Don’t Let Dishes Pile Up

Ever have a dirty pile of dishes overflowing out of your sink just staring at you? We’re all guilty of it at some point. Letting dishes pile up over the course of several days is not only nasty, but ends up being an eye sore, smelling bad, and forces you to run a marathon of scrubbing crusty food. Start doing dishes after every meal.

Ah, Laundry 

Okay, unfortunately this tip is for people who have a washer and dryer in their home. (I know sorry don’t shoot the messenger) Instead of waiting till the weekend to clean a mountain of clothes and towels do a few loads throughout the week after work. That favorite shirt of yours can now be worn twice this week since its clean – like this one.  You’re welcome. 


Good Tunes and Good Times 

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning and if you do well then…good for you. Regardless of what you’re cleaning put on some music to enjoy. It’ll help pass the time and get your spirits up. Here are some tracks we can’t help but listen to when cleaning:

Crucial Vacuum Awesome Mix Vol 1:

General Cleaning Tasks for the Week:

  1. Clean the surfaces in your kitchen and bedroom
  2. Wipe down your bathroom floors and clean your toilet
  3. Sweep/Vacuum floors (choose two rooms a day to complete)
  4. Clean your closets by putting clothes away and hanging them up
  5. Organize drawers, dust pictures, lamps and fans
  6. Wipe off door knobs, remotes, phones and banisters
  7. Clean out your refrigerator taking out dated food
  8. Go through your car and clean it out (they need TLC too)
  9. Wash the interior of windows (windex is your friend)
  10. Clean something you haven’t cleaned in a while (stove, dryer, porch, garbage cans etc.)

By putting in a little effort throughout the week you’ll be finding yourself waking up on Saturday and having nothing to do except enjoy the day.

Have any cleaning routines that work for you? Feel free to share we’d love to hear all about them.

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Enjoy the summer everyone and stay classy.