Oct 29 2015

Fall Cleanup Tips: Safe and Time-Efficient Strategy for Picking Up Leaves

picking up leaves main

It’s finally here, that magical time of year where all the falling leaves litter the ground with beautiful colors. However, with beauty comes hard work and picking up leaves has become a life-long chore that we face each year.

We at Crucial Vacuum understand your pain, so we’ve compiled some friendly tips for picking up leaves this season so you can efficiently, quickly and safely finish your yearly chore.

Invest in the Right Tools!

picking up leaves leaf blowerTools were designed to make our lives easier, and sometimes, going in with just a standard rake and paper bag isn’t enough.

  • When covering large areas where you may have a very large tree or a few, investing a larger rake can make the leaf pick up process easier.
  • If you have a lot of bushes or small trees, investing in a leaf blower helps clear them out onto the lawn for efficient collecting
  • Struggle with the plastic bags for curb collection, places like Lowe’s offers these awesome tools called Leaf Chutes that makes filling bags so much easier.

If you have a riding lawn mower, don’t forget to maintain the engine filters and oil filters. We have several to pick from, so check if we carry your brand here!

The Ultimate Alternative Tool

However, some of us who do leaf clean up actually have a lot more ground to cover can’t clean up by hand. The ULTIMATE alternative tool would be to invest in a mulcher that turns all your leaves into compost for easy disposal. There are many different kinds of mulchers, each adding a degree of ease for leaf disposal, especially using the mulching mower. You can find them in most hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s

Be Patient

picking up leaves falling leavesSome of us are just so antsy to get cleaning. However, sometimes it’s easier and probably best if we let the majority of leaves fall before we start to clean so that this picking up leaves process doesn’t span for a few weeks. We recommend waiting for the when your trees are nearly bare, clean up, wait a week and when all the trees are bare, finish up the cleanup!

This tip is of course varies on each person’s lawn and tree population.

Take Care of Your Body

picking up leaves postureWe can’t tell you how often we’ve pulled our backs or ruined one arm to oblivion while performing this chore. Here are some essential tips on avoiding any ouchies:

  • Warm up your body before raking. It’s easy to forget that raking is an exercise, and like exercising, stretching and readying your body is important before starting to pick up those leaves.
  • While raking, ensure that you keep great posture and stand upright. Switch hands as often as possible so your back doesn’t get too comfortable catering to one side of your body.
  • Bend at the knees and not with your back when stooping while picking up leaves.
  • Don’t overwork yourself by picking up every single leaf. If you’ve cleared up almost the entire yard, don’t worry about the little remainders. Instead just run them over with a lawnmower during your next lawn cut.
  • Try to take breaks, drinking water and resting for a bit. Your body will thank you!

Work Efficiently and Intelligently!

The key to safe and quick leaf cleanup is to work smart. Here are the most important tips to working smart:

  • Don’t pile all leaves into one pile. It’ll tire you out. Use multiple piles.
  • Under each pile, use a tarp for a quick bundling up to dispose of
  • Rake only when it’s dry out. Wet leaves are heavier and tough to maneuver.
  • Work during a day that isn’t windy. However if you work on a windy day, be sure to work following in the wind’s direction to avoid them getting blown where you don’t want it.
  • And finally, ask for help. Whether it be your children, spouse, or friends, always ask for help if you feel you need it. There will always be someone out there for you!

Stay safe, work smart and although a chore, enjoy the healthy exercise! We at Crucial Vacuum hope you enjoyed these tips and Happy Fall!