Nov 19 2015

Improving Your Focus While Working From Home PT. 2: Office Habits

working from home mainWhether you’re an at home parent, looking to make some extra money or decided to work from home for the day, it can become apparent that losing your focus and getting distracted is very easy. We believe that any person can work in any space as long as they are aware of the distractions around and ways to turn your home office into an actual workspace for productivity. Here are some tips to improve your focus while working from home.

Have a Simple Distraction but Keep it Out of the Way 

working from home small distractionIronically, a distraction can be healthy for your home office. While you’re working away, your brain will feel a bit fatigued, but if you keep a small distraction, to just pull your attention, or do something fun real quick can just wipe clean your running mind and let you return to work fresh. However keep these distractions far and out of sight to keep you from spending more time distracted than working. Some healthy distractions are like quick sudokus, puzzles, or even just opening your phone and checking social media for a few minutes. But soon after, put your phone back on silent and out of sight.

Choose the Right Music

working from home musicAs most know, music has an incredible influence over your mood and productivity. Choosing the right tunes and playlists will not only put you in work mode, but could help maintain your focus and boost your effectiveness. Music without distracting lyrics and very soothing tunes are the best for your home office. Allow music to drown out the world while your eyes focuses on the workload. It’s almost guaranteed effective. 

Controlling Sound

working from home soundproofSimilarly to music affecting productivity, negative sounds can become the ultimate distraction. While working at home, there are a number of distractions that could snag your attention away from your work. If you have noisy upstairs neighbors, it might be ideal to soundproof your room. If you’re an at home parent and also have to listen out for your children, investing in a white noise machine that tunes out sounds that isn’t within the room can surely help a lot as it doesn’t mute sound but suppresses it. This becomes ideal so you could still listen out for your children.

Keep the room Clean and Clutter Free 

working from home organizedYour office work area should feel like it has a different environment than the rest of your home. If you allow the messes of your home spill into the work area, it can be a huge distraction that pulls you out of the “office” and back at home – while, keeping your office clutter free is also optimal for maintaining a distraction free zone. As our old Nana used to say, “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.”

Just like the Office, Take Breaks

working from home walking outsideWhile working for a company, in an office, you’re given lunch and water cooler breaks where you’re given time away from the screen to relax and refresh your mind.  Unfortunately, while working from home, it’s easy to fatigue yourself by focusing hard on getting your work done.  Be sure to give yourself 15 minute breaks after every few hours just to refresh your mind and get the workflow jumpstarted. It’s ideal to step outside the house during these breaks, where you could grab a cup of coffee from a shop, or just take a walk outside. Yes, we all have work to do, but your sanity will thank you for these breaks. However, most importantly, know when to call it day. When you have felt like you have accomplished enough work for the day is when you should stop working. Don’t let a break’s distraction become permanent.

Thanks for checking out our second part of “Improving Your Focus While Working From Home.” We at Crucial Vacuum hope that these tips help maintain your focus and establish great practices for both at home work and in the office. Have an awesome, focused workflow!