Dec 2 2015

10 Easy Tips to Handle Holiday Stress

Do you ever feel like the holidays is a two sided coin? On one side you have the “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” tune going in your head while thinking of all the happiness you share with friends and family; while on the other side, it’s the holiday stress of shopping around, RSVP’ing to numerous events and all the like? Yeah we’ve been feeling like that lately.

Here are some awesome, and easy tips to handling the holiday stress!

Avoid Debt

holiday stress debt“Debt.” That word might as well be the boogeyman of the holidays. It’s one of the biggest holiday stress contributors since you’re trying to spoil your friends and family with gifts. However, it is very easy to forget what the holidays are about instead of large expenditures.  Diminish your money worries by budgeting sufficiently. Don’t just tap your bank account, but rather set aside your budget and always remember: it isn’t the monetary value of the gift but the worth of it to the recipient.  Visit thrift stores, or if you can, be hands-on with creativity by writing a song, making a piece of jewelry, a collage or so much more.

Give Yourself ‘You’ Time

During the panic of the holiday shopping, we often forget to take a breath of fresh air and keep a weekend to ourselves for relaxation. Sometimes as a holiday shopper, we forget to eat out, and spend less on entertainment to keep money for gifts. However this leaves it easier for the stress to build up. Take a weekend off from shopping, and after budgeting away for gifts, use some money to treat yourself to a nice dinner or a movie with a loved one. You deserve it. 

holiday stress hikeGet out of the House 

Yes, the holiday season does mean that the cold front has impacted hard on your weather, however this doesn’t mean you should lock yourself up indoors each day! You and your family can suffer from a bit of cabin fever if you spend too much time indoors, so take the time to go out for meals, play in the snow or take walks in the park. Walks are the most important part because research has shown that hiking in the sunlight stimulates serotonin and relieves stress. Winter limits sunlight, so take the opportunity to soak in the wonderful sun as often as possible.

Don’t strive for Perfection 

We all grew up hearing the phrase, “Nothing’s perfect” nor should we be expected to be. However, we still try to perfect every little thing in our lives. Don’t fret the little things. If dinner is late, the decorations aren’t exact, or anything like that, don’t worry such trivial things. Spend time with your family and focus on the awesomeness of having each other for the holidays than the image of perfection. 

Don’t attend too Many Events

holiday stress partyFor some, the holidays mean holiday parties and events. And while each party sounds awesome and epic, we have to be a little realistic and say no to some of your friends. The more time you spend enjoying these events, the less time you have for shopping for gifts or spending time with your family. While your friends crave for your presence, your family even more so. Don’t be afraid to say no, or set a time limit for yourself at each event. I’m sure your friends would understand just fine.

Don’t Binge 

It is the winter and it is easy for you to fall into the habit of overeating and preparing to hibernate for the winter. Don’t overstuff your face and then have the overindulgence guilt follow soon after – instead of grabbing another Holiday treat (which I’m totally guilty of too) go outside with friends and family and make memories. Eat mindfully and enjoy this holiday season.

Accept Yourself and Others

Holiday stress friendsThis is the time of year for forgiveness and humility. Each and every person you meet is different and unique and this is the perfect time of the year to accept each other and appreciate them for who they are. Forget disagreements and arguments and be more understanding. Tune out the ego inside your head and reach a compromise. We’re all human and we all have our own quirks and flaws. So let’s start accepting.

Don’t Give in to Everyone who Asks

While accepting others is absolutely important, unfortunately there are other people who would take advantage of this time of year and may ask you of things you do not want to provide. Don’t get peer pressured into saying or doing things for others and learn to say no.  Enjoy your time with your friends and family that appreciate you for you and are respectful to your needs.

Stick with Your Daily Routine 

holiday stress book clubKeep going to your book club, don’t stop your daily walks, and keep on with other activities with your family. The to-do tasks of the holidays can easily hog up all of your time, which unfortunately can also hurt your mood. We like to stick with our familiar schedules and by disrupting our usual habits, we’re left feeling like something isn’t right or overstressed. While preparing for the holidays are important, don’t forget to fulfill your routine.

Spend Time Cleaning and Freshen the Air

We have written a lot of details on things we should do and outdoor activities  however this doesn’t mean you should forget cleaning your home. All that gift-wrap and loose ribbons can create a nasty mess, so don’t forget to pick up after yourself and ask others in your home to help out. The clutter can easily unnecessarily stress you out. While keeping your home clean, freshening the air can also diminish holiday stress by utilizing aromatherapies and other essential oils. Breathe in fresh minty air and keep on relaxing!


Whew, let’s calm down a bit. The holiday stress may start today, or next week, but don’t worry about it. Remember our tips about keeping everything simple, sticking to your routine and spending time with your friends and family. It’s too easy to think of the commercial aspect of the holidays, but love for your friends and family is far more important. We at Crucial Vacuum wish you a wonderful, stress-free Holiday!