Apr 5 2016

Spring Cleaning Tips pt 4: The Finishing Touches

Spring Cleaning 4 mainLast week we at Crucial Vacuum, covered tips on how to clean some of the toughest spots in your house. This week, we’re going to get you going on how to move from room to room like a cleaning dervish, leaving behind a clean streak in your wake. With these spring cleaning tips, your annual cleaning spree should go off without a hitch. Just remember that having your spring cleaning go smoothly lies in having a plan and using the right tools for the job. Running in with a bucket of water and a sponge will only lead to frustration. That isn’t to say that cleaning requires hundreds of dollars in expensive gadgets either. Here are some things to get you started.

General Tips for Every Room

Spring Cleaning 4 WallsFor a thorough cleaning, you want to remember the saying, “top to bottom, back to front, dust first, vacuum last.” This applies to the entire house. So if you have a second or third floor, start there. Dust up high with an electrostatic duster (such as a Swiffer or Steam mop with mop pads). We suggest wearing goggles and a hat to keep things from getting in your hair and eyes. For those of you with allergies, a simple dust mask can save you from annoying bouts of sneezing and coughing. If you have a vacuum with a dust brush attachment, that works wonderfully as well. Work from the back of the room to the door in straight lines, which will keep you from feeling like you’re moving in circles. Finish one room before you move on to the next.


We Do Windows

Spring Cleaning pt 4 windows

Nobody likes to clean windows, but it’s a necessary chore. It’s also a really easy one, as long as you use the right tools. You don’t need to buy any chemicals or use anything but a little warm water and a microfiber cloth. Use a dry microfiber cloth and clean back and forth in horizontal swipes. Use a damp corner of the cloth to clean off spots that need a little extra scrubbing. Finish the window by wiping down in vertical strokes.


Make the Most of Your Time

Spring Cleaning Tips 4 clock

You don’t have all the time in the world. After all, you’re spending your free time cleaning and you don’t want to use all of it. So work smarter. When you’re cleaning your bathroom or the kitchen, spray your tile cleaner, oven cleaner, or any other cleaner that requires time to work first. Then dust and clean, working your way down (top to bottom), and by the time you get to the areas you’ve sprayed, they’ll be ready to clean.


Using the Right Tools for the Job

Spring Cleaning Tips 4 mainWhile microfiber cloths are great for almost every cleaning job you’ll have, there are some specialized ways to take care of difficult or stubborn tasks. For example, pet hair on your upholstery needs taken care of. There are specialized upholstery tools that fit onto your vacuum, but there are always places that your vacuum can’t reach or clean effectively. Use a lightly dampened sponge or a dry pet sponge in these spots, making short straight strokes that pull the hair towards you.

We all have painted walls in our home, but knowing how to clean those to avoid damaging the paint can be a quandary. There are three common types of paint that you’ll find in your home.

  • Flat finish latex paints, which are found on most interior walls. However, they don’t stand up well to washing. Don’t scrub these walls or you’re going to remove the paint as well as the dirt. Use a mild detergent and don’t let it sit on the surface before cleaning it off.
  • Enamel paints, which are usually found on kitchen and bathroom walls. This paint is more resistant to scrubbing. You still don’t want to use a scrub pad or you’re going to damage the paint. Use a gentle cleaning solution to clean them and don’t let them remain wet for longer than a minute. For more stubborn stains, use a magic sponge.
  • Exterior paints are the last type of paint and are, of course, found on the outside of the home. Avoid using a pressure washer on them unless you’re stripping in preparation for a repaint. Otherwise, a brush with a detergent and a good rinse with a hose will serve to keep your exterior clean.

Don’t Forget These Areas

Spring Cleaning Tips 4 FansThere are certain areas that are sometimes overlooked when we do our cleaning. Don’t forget these areas when you’re making that clean sweep of your house.

  • Dust and clean the top of the picture frames and art.
  • Dust the tops of your ceiling fans and use a cleaner to remove any residue
  • Clean out the couch crevices, but wear gloves.
  • Remove and dust behind the books on your bookshelves
  • Clean behind the electronics on your entertainment center
  • Shake off the doormats and wash them down with a hose.

Now that you’ve read these spring cleaning tips, you’re ready to get started on your tasks. As a final note, before you get started, make sure you get all of your cleaning supplies together before you start. Second, turn on the radio to your favorite guilty pleasure listening station or mix. We all have those songs that we know by heart and make us dance in our hearts. Spring cleaning isn’t the best of things to do in the best of times, but a great soundtrack will make the time go by a lot faster.