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Sep 30 2014

Easy DIY Baby Proofing on a Budget

Crucial Vacuum Baby Proofing

Whether you just had your first baby or just welcomed a new addition to your family, baby proofing your house is a crucial step in ensuring your baby’s safety. Looking around at your home, it may seem like there are so many areas to cover however it may be easier and more affordable than you think!

When my daughter started crawling, I saw all kind of dangers and hazardous places, that I was one step away from wrapping her in bubble wrap! I pride myself of being a very creative and shopping savvy mom so I researched ways I could use things from around the house to baby proof my home.

Plastic Fastener

In the kitchen, I wanted to make sure the oven, dishwasher, cabinets and drawers were locked. But I wanted to encourage my daughter to play and be curious to not be afraid of the kitchen in a future. I secured the cabinets and drawers with an old clip band from an old seat that I had laying around but I left the Tupperware cabinet unlocked and a drawer with plastic spoons and spatulas for her to play with while I was cooking.


My very active and playful daughter loves to play peek-a-boo with the doors. As fun as that sounds, it terrifies me that one day she will pinch one of her little fingers. Pool noodles are extremely easy to find, I buy mine from the local dollar store, and the most under utilized thing for baby proofing. I cut up pool noodles in half and slide them onto doors, and table corners. I even use them to organize my electrical cords.


As the baby grows, you will continue finding new dangers and things to get out of their reach, but these easy and affordable DIY baby proofing tips will be helpful for years to come. Two Do-It-Yourself projects that I found interesting was a DIY baby stair gate with a few yards of fabric, a sewing machine, and PVC pipes and a fun chalkboard and magnetic board fireplace.


Sep 19 2014

Simple Checklist for a Fall Ready Home

Crucial Vacuum Autumn Checklist

Click here for a free Fall Cleaning Checklist!

Pumpkin flavored everything, nice cool days, leaves changing colors, delicious stews and soups, and Halloween! How can you not get excited for fall? But before you bring out your sweaters and start ordering that delicious pumpkin spiced latte, you need to get your house fall-ready and here is how.

Crucial Vacuum - Herb

With all the apple picking, pumpkin carving, and corn maze fun to be done, I don’t like to miss even one day of my fall weekends. So I try to get my fall cleaning overall done before fall starts especially during the weekdays. Now, as I am a full-time working mom of a 19 month old baby girl, this may seem like an impossible task but if you divide your house in five easy sections, it can get done in five days.

Starting with the kitchen, to get it ready for all those delicious fall and holiday cookouts, I started by putting my oven in a 3 hours self-cleaning cycle, having this feature is definitely a blessing. In the meantime, I grabbed my disinfectant wipes and wiped every corner of my kitchen and used those lemony wood cleaning sprays to clean and polish the cabinets. Once I’m done, I emptied my fridge and wiped it clean with a damp cloth and then I when to my pantry and brought out all the fall season spices for all those delicious recipes to come. Finally, I vacuumed and swept my kitchen’s floors to catch any crumbs or dirt that I cleaned off from the counter tops.

Crucial Vacuum

Cleaning the living, dining and family rooms can be a tough task, especially if you have messy little ones like I do. I normally go overboard with the fall theme all throughout the house and love replacing the sofa covers and cushions with a variety of orange and golden tones, but before I did, I vacuumed and steamed all of our upholstery andfreshen them with a fresh scented spray (you can even use a pumpkin and nutmeg scent if you really want it to smell like fall!). Cleaning the bedrooms is pretty standard, but I love how the mattress feels like new every time I flip and rotate it. Talking about a total cost cutting trick! Make sure to get your linens ready for the colder weather and take out the blankets and flannel sheets.


The bathroom is my biggest nemesis! I rather wash a million dirty dishes than getting my hands into scrubbing a nasty toilet. But since it has to be done, I quickly do them all on the same day to get it over with.Last, the outside, which my handy hubby usually takes care of, but is still easy to do myself. To clean your windows and screens you can even recruit your little ones for one last chance for outdoor play time with the hose, just put on the bathing suits, bring out the bubbles and make it a fun task. Once my little one is old enough, believe me when I say she will get to play with the water and wash the windows with me. Remember to store all summer toys and gardening items, clean and cover your patio furniture and your BBQ or grill. Last, and most important, inspect your furnace, chimney and gutters, have them cleaned and replace all needed filters.

So, get to it and get your home fall ready with our printable Simple Fall Cleaning Checklist! Fall your house up, put away those shorts and flip flops and enjoy the most beautiful seasons of them all!

Fall Cleaning Checklist - Crucial Vacuum
Aug 11 2014

Meet Our Team Monday: Cindy, Marketing & Business Development Undertaker

cindy1Meet Cindy:

Our team is known to wear a lot of hats. After being promoted to the marketing and business development position, Cindy has taken on the challenge of restructuring and further developing the marketing aspect for Crucial Vacuum.

What song are you currently listening to?

I’m currently listening to Sam Smith’s entire album on loop.

If you could have any type of superpower, what would it be?

I used to want the power of telepathy but after watching True Blood, I could see how that would get annoying so I would want the power of telekinesis!

What is one item that you could not live without?

Coffee! I drink several cups every day. It’s both tasty and helps me power through the day.

What is your favorite day to clean?

I always clean on Sundays. It’s a pattern that I was brought up on as a family chore day.

What is your favorite clean hack?

I have a dog at home and so to get rid of any smells, I sprinkle baking soda on my carpet before vacuuming.

What is one thing that you did not know before working at Crucial Vacuum?

I honestly didn’t know I had to change my roller or filters. The photos used for dirty filter are sadly of my dirty replaced parts.