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Mar 7 2016

Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Recipes That Use Up Your Leftovers

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Soon to be upon us is the hallowed day of 17 March; the day when rivers flow as green as the beer and people all over the world try out the worst Irish accents this side of a box of marshmallow and crunch cereal. Yes, Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here. With this day comes the habit of wearing green to avoid being pinched (although today, we’re not sure if anyone actually pinches anyone anymore outside of elementary school), a plethora of shamrock shaped (and flavored) things, and of course, the ubiquitous corned beef and cabbage. We here at Crucial love St. Patrick’s Day and everything that comes with it. While we could delve into why we wear green or what in the world a short fellow wearing a green coat and top hat has to do with anything, we choose instead to focus on a much more important day. 18 March; the day after St. Patrick’s Day, the day of recovery, or as it is found on the liturgical calendar, Saint Cyril’s Day.

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Feb 4 2016

Super Bowl Party Activities and Pranks for Each Type of Guest Pt. 2

Super bowl party activities 2 main

Last article, we talked about the first five of the top ten stereotypes of guests we saw at our Super Bowl parties. Here we’re going to look at the other five and give you some ideas about how to engage them so your party is one that will be remembered. Heck, your party may end up being so legendary, you’ll have to work doubly hard to top it next year. Continue reading »

Nov 24 2015

7 Last Minute, Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes To Prepare This Year

Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and if you’re looking for any last minute, healthy Thanksgiving recipes, we’ve got you covered! These recipes were picked for three reasons:

1. Simple Ingredients.
2. A great healthy alternative to classic meals.
3. Tastes so good I want to prepare more right now.

These last minute recipes are both easy and amazing, so of course we’re obligated to give you a preemptive “you’re welcome.”

Butternut Squash Soup (without cream!) 

Butternut Squash Soup healthy thanksgiving recipes

Via Food Network:

That’s right. A butternut squash soup without the cream is not only healthy, but won’t hurt our lactose intolerant loved ones. This recipe is based on the chicken stock, nutmeg and delicious butternut squash. It’s a simple and sweet appetizer for your guests. Continue reading »

Oct 15 2015

Halloween Drinks and Accessories for Your Spooky Halloween Party

Halloween drinks main

Hosting an awesome Halloween Party? Well, get ready for our list of our favorite Halloween drinks! These cocktails are deliciously spooky, and as long as no one drinks and drive, we’re all for bingeing these drinks this Halloween! Safety first people.

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Dec 4 2014

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Holiday gifts from the heart are always better than anything purchased in a store. Some people on your list may have everything they want, or just be difficult to buy for. Instead of going crazy trying to find that perfect gift why not make something for them yourself. Whether you’re looking for something for your parents, brother, sister, or friend you can create a variety of thoughtful gifts in a short period of time. Remember when gift giving it’s the thought that counts.

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