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Nov 12 2015

5 Life Lessons We Learn From Children

life lessons children mainWhen did we grow up? Have you asked yourself that question? I certainly have, many many times. Although we become wiser as we age, we also lose something with those fleeting years. Whether it be fun, the knack of making friends or taking life day by day with such enthusiasm, there are so many life lessons we can learn from observing our children. Here are the top lessons that we can start implementing in our lives today. Continue reading »

Nov 3 2015

Leaf Craft Ideas for Children As a Fun Fall Activity

leaf craft main

Last week we have written about safe and efficient strategies for leaf cleanup, however, with all these falling leaves, there’s several leaf craft ideas you can share with your child to spark the creative fire in them.  Here are our top favorite leaf crafting activities to share with your children this fall!

The Classic Leaf Rubbing

leaf craft leaf rubbing

Via CreativeChicksAtPlay 

This activity has long been passed down for generations, and it is our duty to pass it forward onto our children. All you have to do is lay paper on top of the leaf, and with a crayon (be sure to remove its paper label) rub against the paper to have the leaf’s shape appear!  Continue reading »

Oct 6 2015

Halloween Safety Tips for a Fun and Healthy Holiday

It’s that wonderful time of year where our creativity collides with our children’s joy. As we prepare our kids for this amazing holiday, we must always remember to stay safe and establish rules to protect your young ones from any harmful danger. Here are crucial Halloween Safety Tips that will help ease any worry you have for your children.

Preparing the Costumes


With young children especially, costume design plays an important role in your child’s safety. When choosing a costume try to accomplish the following:

  • Decorate bags and costumes with reflective stickers and tape and try to keep to bright colors
  • Try to use makeup rather than masks which could obstruct vision
  • Ensure your child carries glow sticks or flashlights to keep visibility and allow drivers to see them
  • Make sure the costume is the right size and doesn’t drag to avoid trips and falls
  • Try to avoid from using decorative contact lenses as improper wear can cause severe damage
  • Test out makeup before halloween to ensure no allergic reactions or swelling occurs. Remove before bedtime to keep away from irritating skin or eyes

Continue reading »

Sep 16 2015

National Working Parents Day: Parenting Tips for Balancing Work and Home

The most professional jugglers are not in the circus; they’re your parents and my parents. Working parents who had to learn how to balance work and life have been around for generations, and what kept them sane was the knowledge they’ve received from their parents and new knowledge they’ve discovered themselves.

Working Parents Day ParentToday is national Working Parents Day, and on this day we celebrate those who have been there for us as we grew older and they spent every moment earning and teaching us. And as some of us have children of our own, no matter how old our children are, we are still working and learning as parents.

Here are some helpful tips on teaching your children even though you may be away for more than half of the day working hard. Continue reading »

Sep 1 2015

Back to School Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy

back to school kindergartenAs the college kids flock from the nest, we still have our young elementary school kids getting ready to go back to school. At this point, you’re no longer worried about dorm cleanliness; we’re worried about making sure our kids stay healthy!

As most teachers often admit, the classroom is certainly a cesspool of germs and bacteria that can certainly infect your child and soon get the whole family sick.

So we at Crucial Vacuum have some valuable tips for you on how to keep your kids healthy as they head back to school. Continue reading »