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Oct 31 2012

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families that have been affected.  We hope you and your families are safe. All of our staff members are on the east coast and understand how stressful a time this can be.

Crucial Vacuum’s¬†headquarters are in Little Ferry, NJ. Our office and warehouse are on the Hackensack River and our entire town was¬†severely¬†impacted by the storm. Thousands had to evacuate. Our office is currently without power and it is closed until further notice. Since our offices are at the top of a hill, we are hopeful that there was no interior damage. Though we haven’t been able to get into our warehouse due to the lake that is parked currently in front of it at the moment. See the picture below. We do however, hope the water recedes quickly with a little sun and look to our power being restored to our warehouse very soon.

Crucial Vacuum Warehouse Complex

About 2/3 of Crucial Vacuum’s¬†employees are currently without power. The other 1/3 of us with power are welcoming those without power into our homes. ¬† For the past and next couple of days, a small team of Crucial Vacuum will be meeting at a kitchen table, where else, to work together to make our customers happy and move beyond the current crisis at hand.


Admittedly, Hurricane Sandy did slow us down and has delayed our response times a tiny bit but didn’t stop the hustle. We are working hard the next couple of days to earn your business. We are thankful for your business! ¬†We have and are taking certain steps to making sure customers are taken care of. ¬†Since we don’t have access to our warehouse, we have had our partners and vendors ship most of our orders on our behalf. We’re thankful for those relationships! ¬†We’ve reached out to every last customer since October 25th to let them know about the delays due to Sandy. ¬†Stephanie (seen above) has been handling all customer related issues and resolving them as fast as humanly possible. ¬†Justin (seated behind Stephanie) has been in constant contact with our partners and getting all of ¬†our orders processed. ¬†In the midst of all the¬†hurdles, we have managed to move ¬†forward. And as far as me…I’m finishing up the day, with a scotch in one hand and the keyboard in the other learning new tasks and doing whatever needs to be done for our customers. ¬†Coming from the Marketing Dept., I have taken on new tasks from customer servicing to tracking orders for customers and keeping them informed with the status of their orders placed. ¬†Its new grounds for me but I must say its been a great learning experience.

As they say, as one door closes, another opens.

Be safe,


Oct 26 2012

Change your life by simply changing your vacuum filter!

A good filter changes a person and makes the world a little better, makes life something special, more enjoyable and cleaner.



An allergy-free clean home begins with your vacuum. However, it’s what is on the inside that counts, right? Inside every vacuum is a vacuum filter.¬† The filter is what prevents dust, dirt and bacteria from being recycled back into your home. It’s useless to have a vacuum that sucks up all the dirt to just throw it right back into your home. So it’s CRUCIAL to have a high quality clean filter in your vacuum while you clean.¬† Dust and micro particles should be trapped by a good filter only letting clean air back to the environment so you can feel better about the air you breathe.¬† So before you turn on your vacuum, we urge you to take a look at your filter and make sure your change it every 3-6 months.¬† That way the health of your home is maintained and allergies/asthma is minimized.

After changing your filter, magic happens. You may notice that you sleep better at night. You may notice that when you open the blinds, you don’t see the lighter dust floating around through the sunshine that glares into your home. You’ll start to notice that your overall sense of being is clean, fresh, pure and clear.¬† Having a clean home will become something special again.¬† The family will enjoy the clean home and it’s so much easier to enjoy life when allergies are not something to worry about.

Peace & Progress,


Sep 21 2012

Allergy Free Home

Is it just me or is allergy season back?¬† Sometimes its hard to figure out why I’m sneezing so much and can’t stop my eyes from being irritated. It’s a combination of the change in season along with my pets!

Luckily we have the good ole’ internet, and I researched small¬† and easy steps to minimize my symptoms! Here’s what I’ve come up with:

- Changing your  filter every 6-18 months on your  IQAIR Air Purifier will maximize the removal of particles in your home.

- Change vacuum filter- now is a good time to do so!

- Having the proper Pet Vacuum Attachment to keep the hair from your pet off of your couch is a great look!

- Even change air conditioner filter as frequent as needed. Air conditioners could bring in small particles in the air that you breathe causing the dry throats and constant sneezes every time its turned on.

Having pets could be pets and their dander all over.  Using the proper pet vacuum attachments for your vacuum can definitely reduce the dander which might be the solution to your sneezing.  Also, a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in your vacuum will remove particles from your air  that reduces your chances of allergies.

In my case, I didn’t have any pets nor did I have any carpet to vacuum.¬† An air purifier was the best investment I have made for my allergies.¬† Most of the microscopic particles were out of the air in my home and I was able to breathe without sneezing.¬† Staying indoors and breathing purified air also helped a lot.

If you are suffering from allergies, here are some things you might want to check out.

-If you have pets, use the right pet attachment tools on your vacuum to remove pet dander.

-Use a HEPA filter in your vacuum to trap all the small particles and prevent them from spreading in your home.

- Do you have a good air purifier?  Investing in a good HEPA air purifier is a key element to having an allergy free sanctuary.

Follow these steps and you are on your way to an allergy free life.

Aug 30 2012

Rap Rebuttal to the World’s Most Expensive $1 Million Dollar Gold-Plated Vacuum Cleaner

Supposedly there’s a $1,000,000 gold plated vacuum for sale that caters to the 1%.¬† So, I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m thinking.¬† A¬† one million dollar vacuum cleaner? Is that logical? Simple answer, No! If, I’m a billionaire and have all the riches in the world, the last thing on my mind would be cleaning and vacuum cleaners.¬† I would have maids take care of my mansion with a Dyson…..oh wait, I would have marble floors so I don’t need a vacuum.¬† But unfortunately, I’m not a billionaire and like most fall within the 99%.

Crucial Vacuum represents the 99%.¬† You have a lot on your hands and I’m sure expensive vacuum cleaners and cleaning parts are not something that you want to add on your plate.¬† High quality at affordable prices for everyone with great customer service is what we provide, that’s keeping it real.¬† Want to¬† see it to believe it?¬† We made a rap rebuttal video to the world’s most Expensive vacuum cleaner $1 million dollar gold vacuum. What more can I say?

We take great pride in designing our own vacuum cleaner filters, bags and parts Рwe refuse to charge outrageous prices for our products.  Crucial Vacuum is pleased to always provide our premium quality vacuum cleaner replacement parts at a fraction of the cost of OEM parts along with free shipping, free returns while planting a tree for every 1,000 filters sold.

The lyrics from their rap say it all [excerpt]:
“This is not a vacuum for the 1%.
You could be dressed in gold, but ya don’t represent.
If ya want to go vacuum, get it from the pros.
Crucial Vacuum Filters! Suck it like a hose!”

Crucial Vacuum is a leading manufacturer and online supplier of vacuum cleaner bags, filters, belts and parts. The website is dedicated to providing its customers with the complete range of premium quality vacuum parts (to all vacuum cleaner owners) at affordable prices.

Jan 28 2012

Author, Mysti Reutlinger Shares Crucial Information on Dangerous Chemical Cleaners

At Crucial Vacuum we know how important it is to keep our families healthy and breathing easy. Why else would we spend so much time cleaning and sanitizing? But lately there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of the chemicals found in common household cleaners and it got my attention. Am I doing more harm than good?

So¬†I caught up with Mysti Reutlinger, author of ‚ÄúThe Pantry Cleaner: Chemical Free Cleaning”, to pick her brain about the dangers of household cleaners and I was¬†shocked by what she had to say.

CV: So, just to clear things up, what is chemical free cleaning as opposed to ‚Äúcommercial cleaning‚ÄĚ?¬†

MR: Chemical-free cleaning uses natural products that eliminate germs, grime, and all the goo any child (or adult) could produce without adding any chemicals into the home.  

CV: What first sparked your interest in chemical free cleaning? 

MR: The short version; My youngest son.  My son arrived at 24-weeks in gestation. He was 1 pound, 7 ounces and 12 inches long at birth. He spent the first 115 days of his life in a Neonatal ICU and when he came home, he was on oxygen. I quickly noticed that he struggled breathing when I cleaned. Upon hours of research, including reading many medical studies published in accredited journals, I found the correlation between commercial cleaners and a host of problems occurring in people. 

CV: Your book is described as teaching us how to clean without the use of harmful chemicals that can lead to respiratory distress, loss of smell, and even cause cancer… are household cleaners really that dangerous? 

MR: In a word, yes. When we purchase food in a store that is processed and packaged, we have a list of ingredients on the side and can make reasonable decisions about the quality of the food in the package. Commercial cleaners (anything purchased) don‚Äôt have to follow the same regulations because their chemical formulas are considered ‚Äútrade secrets.‚ÄĚ Longterm exposure to some chemicals found in the most common of cleaning products leads to many disorders, diseases, and yes, even cancer. ¬†

A study published in the October 2007 issue of American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine provides a good illustration. Over 3,000 people who did not have asthma or asthma symptoms at the start of the study were followed by researchers and their cleaning habits were evaluated. In the people who used commercial spray cleaners once a week, 42% had asthma symptoms at the end of the study. Those who cleaned more often were diagnosed with asthma and required medication. 

CV: I was shocked when I read about the damage that chemicals in common cleaners can do. Like disinfectants are toxic to our respiratory and circulatory systems? Isn’t that a bit ironic? 

MR: It is ironic. We want what is best for our families. We love them and want everyone to be safe. Cleaning shouldn’t be dangerous! 

CV: Is it safer to not clean at all rather than use store bought chemical cleaners? 

MR: Before there were commercial cleaners, people cleaned. They used vinegar, lemons, baking soda, corn starch, and regular lye soaps. Dishes were scrubbed and when someone was sick, rinsed with boiling water. Even without understanding the science behind having a clean home and eliminating germs and bacteria, our ancestors cleaned. Just like they knew what science has proven today, a clean home will keep our families from becoming sick. It is definitely not safer to live without cleaning. 

CV: I tried! But what about allergy sufferers? Don’t we need something more powerful to clear the air? 

MR: Allergy sufferers most certainly need clean air, not chemically-filled air.  

At one point in my life, I took prescription allergy medicines every spring and fall. I was convinced that the stuffy nose and burning eyes was a result of the seasonal plants growing and irritating me. When I changed how I cleaned, I still had the occasional stuffy nose and burning in my eyes, but I no longer needed medication to treat the symptoms.  

So now that I’ve got your attention, check back next week for Mysti’s tips for beginners like me who want to try their hand at chemical-free cleaning. Part two of our interview includes a couple simple chemical-free cleaner recipes, tips for getting rid of dust, and Mysti tells me what one item I should throw out today.