Sep 29 2015

Need to Know Humidifier Benefits for the Coming Cold Season

humidifier benefits humidifierAs time has gone by, we have grown used to the idea of making our air conditioners and heaters a part of our every day lives. They gave us a comfort that fans or natural heat could ever provide, but not many believe the same about humidifiers.

Many people have questioned its purpose over the years, but nowadays, people are starting to realize the benefits of owning a humidifier, especially during the cold seasons. Here are the following humidifier benefits that most people aren’t aware of.

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Sep 24 2015

The Germiest Places in Everyone’s Homes

Germiest places germsIt seems to never end. No matter how much we clean or disinfect, there will always be areas riddled with germs that won’t go away. Here’s a list of the Germiest places in everyone’s homes that no one expects.

Germs are sneaky buggers, so let’s get cracking on minimizing their existence!

Fact or Myth: The 5 Second Rule

We all know the 5 second “rule.” Our friends say that eating that fallen cookie is alright, but our parents had always told us “No!” Well who’s right?germiest places floor

In 2007 a study was conducted that discovered that no matter whether or not the food touched the floor for 5 seconds, 30, or even a split second, the same amount of microorganisms hung onto the food. So no, the 5 second rule is an absolute myth.

While depending on how clean the floor is, and if outdoor shoes had tread, you won’t get as sick as other conditions. But still, we don’t recommend it.

Bacteria That Our Pets Spread

germiest places petsWe can never stop loving our adorable pets, but they’re one of the biggest contributors of bacteria. While not only does their body carry a whole different repertoire of microorganisms that humans carry, their food bowls, litter boxes, and chew toys all carry bacteria that need to be frequently cleaned.

While a food bowl is used daily, doesn’t mean you need to wash the bowl after every meal. Washing daily is recommended, chew toys every week or two, and litter boxes 2-4 weeks at the most.

These places breed bacteria that can certainly lead to sicknesses, so up keeping these pet supplies are of the utmost importance!

Kitchen Tools and Appliances

While this seems like a no-brainer, there’s a few objects people seem to forget to clean that harbor harmful bacteria.

Cutting Boards – Our cutting boards get exposed to many different forms of bacteria. We suggest a good wash after each use. Also, use a cutting board that isn’t as porous and absorbent. Using a good maple board is great, or going hard plastic.

Coffee Makers – It’s incredibly easy to just give these machines a quick rinse or a quick scrub, however this machine pulls liquid through its many moving parts. Remember to frequently pull out all removable parts and give them a detailed clean. The damp and dark nature of coffee machines allows rapid growth of harmful bacteria and even mold.

Stove Knobs – People forget that the knobs can get filthy as well. Not only does grease and food splash against it, but while we prepare raw foods; we touch these knobs as well. Every week or so you should remove the knobs and give them a good wash.germiest places sponge

The Sponge – This is by far the filthiest tool in your kitchen. Rinsing the sponge will certainly not clean it thoroughly enough and it can spread its germs to other silverware and dishes that you may think are being cleaned. After use, put your wet sponge into the microwave and zap for two minutes. However, make sure your sponge does not contain steel or any metals before zapping. And while this helps kill most bacteria, you should change the sponge every two weeks or if there’s a noticeable foul smell

The Germiest Place: Your Smartphone

In this day and age, your smartphone has become an extension of our arm. We never leave home without it, and constantly check its notifications every half hour or less! So undoubtedly, we’ve taken out our phones, placed it down on a public table, a wet bar, or any public surface.

germiest places smartphoneThe smartphone is easily the most forgettable, bacteria-ridden item on your person. We cannot simply wash our phones, or stick them in the microwave, so what’s the alternative?

We invest in phone cases. Most people get phone cases to protect your phone, however if you have a standard plastic or rubber phone case, placing your phone down won’t be an issue since a case can be scrubbed and washed. There are phone cases that come with batteries or battery-powered features, and unfortunately those cannot be washed, so all we can recommend is using a simple plastic case that is both washable and sturdy to protect your arm, I mean phone.

We apologize for those of you who feel the need to scrub every inch of their homes after reading this. We don’t mean to scare you into having germ phobias, however these are the germiest places that we suggest everyone be conscientious of.

Happy disinfecting from Crucial Vacuum!

Sep 22 2015

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Increasing Positivity

Every day, we move from place to place, repeating our patterns of eating, consuming, working, playing and sleeping. While the repetition can become tedious, and blur our days into streams of boring weeks, we sometimes forget how to live a healthy lifestyle.

We have a set of lifestyle tips that will help turn each day in a positive light, to make it easier for you and those around you as positivity is of the utmost importance in a healthy lifestyle.

Saying “Okay” instead of “K” or “No”

healthy lifestyle tips okay“No” is an incredibly easy word to say. Do you find yourself uttering the word so quick you no longer remember what was initially asked? Instead of saying No, try saying “Okay.” Okay is such an easy word to utter that can really change someone else’s mood. It spreads positivity as it may allow you to make new experiences, be a good friend, or even find love in an unsuspected place.

Now don’t mix up “okay” with “K.” With the generation of the “quick texters,” “K” is not a quick synonym for “okay” but rather a quick, rude version of “alright, conversation over, I understand what you said.” This can truly deter people from wanting to reach out to you. K inspires negativity with a false face. So remember, try saying “okay.”

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Sep 16 2015

National Working Parents Day: Parenting Tips for Balancing Work and Home

The most professional jugglers are not in the circus; they’re your parents and my parents. Working parents who had to learn how to balance work and life have been around for generations, and what kept them sane was the knowledge they’ve received from their parents and new knowledge they’ve discovered themselves.

Working Parents Day ParentToday is national Working Parents Day, and on this day we celebrate those who have been there for us as we grew older and they spent every moment earning and teaching us. And as some of us have children of our own, no matter how old our children are, we are still working and learning as parents.

Here are some helpful tips on teaching your children even though you may be away for more than half of the day working hard. Continue reading »

Sep 10 2015

Our Back to School Giveaway Feature: The Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum

Back to school giveaway VQ607SFD-1

For the month of September, in honor of our kids heading back to school, we’re holding a giveaway for a Vacmaster Wet/Dry vac model VQ607SFD. This vacuum is absolutely perfect to start cleaning up the house while the kids are away!

This six gallon vacuum that’s strangely reminiscent of that love-able Star Wars character, is a nifty machine that is not only convenient for storing away and holding accessories, but it proves effective for both indoor and outdoor use.

The exterior stainless steel construction and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to maneuver between indoors and outdoors. What a lot of costumers have commented about this vacuum is that it is perfect for home renovations for getting rid of paint chips and sawdust. The weather resistant construction makes this vacuum ideal for outside work just as much as indoors. So don’t worry about cleaning the car while it rains, this little machine will still work efficiently. Continue reading »