Oct 15 2015

Halloween Drinks and Accessories for Your Spooky Halloween Party

Halloween drinks main

Hosting an awesome Halloween Party? Well, get ready for our list of our favorite Halloween drinks! These cocktails are deliciously spooky, and as long as no one drinks and drive, we’re all for bingeing these drinks this Halloween! Safety first people.

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Oct 13 2015

8 Creative and Cheap Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Halloween is around the corner, and your neighbors have put up all of their decorations. Whether you didn’t want to blow your budget on expensive decorations, or you feel you don’t have enough, we at Crucial Vacuum have you covered with these creative and cheap Halloween decorations!

1. Trash Bag Spider Webs

cheap halloween decoration trash bag

Via HowAboutOrange

More than likely, your home is stocked with trashbags, and with them, you can create these clever and cute looking spider webs that can decorate your interior or exterior walls! Continue reading »

Oct 8 2015

Healthy Tips to Boost Your Brainpower

boost your brainpower brainAs we work and drone away at our keyboards, at times we feel mentally spent and are left with no time to work on the things we’d love to do when we get home. It’s hard to remember that the brain is a muscle, and like a muscle you can train it to withstand fatigue and boost your brain power/stamina. Through this, your memory will become a lot more accurate and reliable, and your thought processes would quicken.

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Oct 6 2015

Halloween Safety Tips for a Fun and Healthy Holiday

It’s that wonderful time of year where our creativity collides with our children’s joy. As we prepare our kids for this amazing holiday, we must always remember to stay safe and establish rules to protect your young ones from any harmful danger. Here are crucial Halloween Safety Tips that will help ease any worry you have for your children.

Preparing the Costumes


With young children especially, costume design plays an important role in your child’s safety. When choosing a costume try to accomplish the following:

  • Decorate bags and costumes with reflective stickers and tape and try to keep to bright colors
  • Try to use makeup rather than masks which could obstruct vision
  • Ensure your child carries glow sticks or flashlights to keep visibility and allow drivers to see them
  • Make sure the costume is the right size and doesn’t drag to avoid trips and falls
  • Try to avoid from using decorative contact lenses as improper wear can cause severe damage
  • Test out makeup before halloween to ensure no allergic reactions or swelling occurs. Remove before bedtime to keep away from irritating skin or eyes

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Oct 1 2015

Deskercise: The Art of Desk Exercises to Practice While You Work

desk exercises mainOn this rainy, dreary Thursday, we’ll be cooped up inside our office without the urge to step out for a break, and when we get home, we won’t want to leave our beds from the weather. Eventually, the feeling of being stationary might give you a nagging feeling of needing to go to the gym.

So if you’re like us and want to leave the confines of indoors, you can have a great substitute to the gym right there at your desks.These exercises – or better called, deskercises, will help you feel active while only moving in place. Here are our top deskercises for you to practice. Continue reading »