Sep 26 2014

What Are Your Dust Bunnies Doing in Your Vacuum Bag?

Talking about dust bunnies is like a taboo.

You don’t want to think about them, speak about them or acknowledge their presence. However if you haven’t change your vacuum bag in a while, the dust bunnies you’ve collected have been multiplying and growing. Although they may look like harmless hair and dust, studies show that bacteria, mold, and other organism are lurking.

Hair and dust are great sources for bacteria and other organism to leach onto. Remember in 8th grade science class when you collected samples from everywhere and swabbed it on a petri dish and the next day, it was infected with bacteria growth? The dark environment within your vacuum bag is also the perfect home for organism to multiply. On top of that especially with older vacuum cleaners, the suction from the vacuum could potentially return all the bacteria back into the air you breathe.

So what can we do to make sure you keep your home safe from dust bunnies? Use a HEPA filter to prevent bacteria from blowing back into your air and replace it regularly to make sure bacteria doesn’t sit in your filter as well. All vacuum filters should be replaced every 3-6 months and if you have a washable and reusable filter, wash it every 3-4 weeks. However it’s a different story with your vacuum cleaner bag.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t vacuum as frequently as I should. However as a rule of thumb, a regular sized vacuum’s bag should only last a month. If your bag is 50-60 percent full, it is time to change your vacuum bag.

Keep your home clean by regularly changing your vacuum bag and filter.