Nov 12 2014

Child Safety DIY Tips w/ Pool Noodles

Child safety is a big deal and believe it or not child safety and pool noodles go hand-in-hand with one another very well. They float, come in a variety of colors and more often than not your child uses it as a makeshift light saber. As a parent these inexpensive toys can serve for a multitude of child safety DIY tips to protect your children in and around the house. The following child safety tips will come in handy for a number of scenarios and will require you to cut the pool noodle into some form or another. Any sharp knife will work to help you implement these tips for your child’s benefit.

Childproof a Door With Ease

If you need to keep a door open in your house – whether it’s to keep an eye on your child, or prevent their fingers from being slammed should the door close by accident, then a pool noodle is just what you need. By cutting it down the side in a half-moon shape you can attach it to the inside of the door preventing it from closing as well as keeping the integrity of the doors paint job.

Protect Your Child from Rolling Out of Bed in the Middle of the Night

Children tend to fall out of bed. Actually, this happens to some adults too, but regardless you can help make sure that your little one doesn’t take a spill onto the hard floor while sleeping with a simple fix. Cut a noodle down to the length of the bed and place it under the sheets nice and snug.  Should there be any rolling over throughout the evening this handy tip will keep your child safe and sleeping.

Safety from Those Sharp Edges

A parent’s worst fear can be found on the corner of every piece of furniture and object in your home. Every time your child runs into a room or approaches a table your heart stops just a bit. You can take care of those edges with the help of… you guessed it, a pool noodle. Cut the noodle to fit around tables, hearths or any edge that may pose a threat to your child’s wellbeing. You’ll have piece of mind, your child will be much safer and this at the cost of only a few dollars. Plus it sort of spruces up the place. 

Baby Shopping Cart Safety

Have you ever been at the grocery store and noticed that your baby keeps putting their mouth on the metal bar that lies below the shopping cart handle? The amount of germs on this is enough to make any parent cringe. In fact, I’m getting a little freaked out just thinking about it. Here’s a remedy. By cutting a pool noodle to its length and then cutting it down its side to fit over the bar your child will be unable to bite the bar. They remain germ free, what teeth they have stay in tact, your shopping cart looks spiffy and you’ve accomplished yet another parent hack with ease. Everyone wins.

The most important part of any parent’s life is their children. The length in which you’ll go knows no bounds to ensure their safety. With these quick and easy DIY tips you can be sure your child remains safe and ease a little bit of the stress in your day-to-day.

If you have any other suggestions or DIY tips feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear about your experiences and insights. Thanks for reading!