Dec 16 2014

The Crucial Swirl – Detailing Your Car Gets a Bit Easier

crucial swirl side logo

The Crucial Swirl Vacuum gives users the best of both worlds when it comes to power and portability. Often times powerful vacuums are bulky and unwieldy, while their lighter counter parts, which have mobility, lack in overall suction. With the Crucial Swirl there’s no need to sacrifice power for portability.

Don’t let size fool you when it comes to the Crucial Swirl. Weighing only 4.5 pounds this easy-to-use vacuum can handle the toughest messes. We here at Crucial Vacuum recently detailed a car using the Crucial Swirl and the results and overall ease of use were spectacular. When it comes to detailing and vacuuming your car the Crucial Swirl has you covered. Why pay top dollar for a detailing service, or go to your local car wash and use those awkward vacuums that have you in a race against time to finish the job before your quarters run out? Cleaning the interior of your car is an easy task thanks to the Crucial Swirl.


Attachments include:

  • Five foot crush proof flex vacuum hose, carpet and bare floor tool, upholstery and crevice tool, dusting brush, two straight extension wands, and a shoulder strap.

crucial swirl attachment photo

The quality of your cars detail is dependent on your vacuums power and ability to reach a variety of places and with the Crucial Swirl you cover all of your bases. With a twenty-five foot cord and thirty-six inch hose you’re never coming up short with getting to those hard to reach places. With a 2-year warranty and an affordable price the Crucial Swirl is the perfect vacuum for that quick and easy clean.

You can purchase the light-weight highly efficient Crucial Swirl direct from Crucial Vacuum