Dec 4 2014

Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Holiday gifts from the heart are always better than anything purchased in a store. Some people on your list may have everything they want, or just be difficult to buy for. Instead of going crazy trying to find that perfect gift why not make something for them yourself. Whether you’re looking for something for your parents, brother, sister, or friend you can create a variety of thoughtful gifts in a short period of time. Remember when gift giving it’s the thought that counts.

Coffee Lovers

Who doesn’t like a nice warm cup of coffee on a cool winter morning? I know I do. In fact, I’m drinking a bold fresh cup of coffee out of my favorite mug as I’m writing this. For the coffee lover in your life why not design them a personalized mug. Every time they take that first refreshing sip in the morning they’ll be thinking of you. You can make this personalized mug for just a few dollars. Use oil based sharpie markers and some stickers. You’d be amazed as to what you can make with such simple tools.

Book Lovers

What’s better than curling up next to the fire on a winter day with your favorite book? This holiday season why not create a nifty looking bookmark for the avid reader in your life? Every time they open up that compelling story that has them hooked they’ll be reminded of you. This can be done in a variety of ways. Go to any craft store and you’ll see that the possibilities are endless. You can even use Popsicle sticks, or paper clips and simply glue some cute items to the top.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Creating a photo collage is easy and is a great gift for grandparents. It’s not everyday that you get to see your loved ones and extended family, but with this gift you can remind them of fond memories and how fortunate your family and friends are to have one another. It also makes for a wonderful conversational piece. This can be easily done with some poster board and glue.

Gift in a Jar

Feeling the urge to do a little baking? Who doesn’t love sweets, whether its cookies, or brownies, people love homemade baked goods. They make the perfect gift for just about anyone in your life and can be spruced up by gifting them in a glass jar. It looks festive, is a thoughtful gift and after they’re done devouring the sweets they can use the jar for a variety of things afterwards.

Stay Warm this Winter

Are you handy with a sewing machine or fond of quilting? Just about everyone is looking to stay warm this winter and what better gift than to make someone a pair of mittens or perhaps a comfortable blanket. Its quite the thoughtful gift and the effort put into this will leave a lasting impression with the friend or loved one receiving it.

Holiday Gift Basket

Gift baskets are fantastic for all occasions and the holidays are no different. You can get so creative with what you put into it and the thought you put behind this gift will be greatly appreciated.  Some quick ideas of what to put into your gift basket are wines, candles, cheeses, coffees, crafts the list of things you can use and how you design it are endless. Spruce it up with some tinsel, ribbon and holly. Go wild with it and let your creative side come out. It truly is a thoughtful and caring gift.

Hope these DIY holiday gift ideas give you some inspiration and bring some joy into someone’s life this season.

Have any DIY gift ideas? Feel free to share and comment. We would love to hear about a time when you created a gift that made your holidays that much more special.