May 15 2015

How to Clean your Vacuums Roller Brush


Use these easy to follow maintenance tips to make sure your vacuums roller brush leaves your carpets as clean as possible

We’ve all been cleaning at some point and had our vacuums roller brush either completely stop working, or loose suction leaving a trail of dirt in our carpets. Cleaning your vacuums roller brush may be a tedious task, but its a maintenance tip that will have your vacuum performing efficiently. 

1) Turn your vacuum off. It is crucial that you never perform any maintenance procedures on your vacuum while it is plugged in so be sure your unit is off before beginning. 

2) Remove the vacuums base plate. Removing the baseplate to your vacuum can usually be done with a screw driver or by hand depending on your brand and model. Be sure to remove all the screws and keep track of them as not to lose them. 

3) Remove the Roller Brush. The roller brush will slide out of the base of the vacuum and depending on your brand of vacuum the belt will come out with it. Simply slide the belt off of the roller. 


4) Clean the Bristles. The first thing to look for is any noticeable debris. This normally is in the form of hair wrapped around the roller brush, carpet fibers, or general clumps of dust. An easy way to remove these obstructions is either with a razor or scissor. 

5) Check the Bristles. Overtime and with use the bristles on your roller brush will loosen and become worn down. This will lead to poor suction. When this happens it is time to replace your vacuums roller brush completely.

6) Clean the Bearings. Most vacuum bearings can be simply removed by unscrewing them. Often debris such as hair can wrap around your vacuums axle and causes resistance for your roller brush. Removing the debris around the axle and adding a little bit of oil will help your roller brushes performance greatly. 

7) Reassemble the Parts. Be sure to place the parts back exactly where you found them. The bearings, the belt and the roller. 


For further help here are some ‘how to’ videos for replacing your vacuums roller brush: 

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LG Kompressor Roller Brush Replacement

Eureka Airspeed Roller Brush Replacement

Oreck XL Roller Brush Replacement 

Dyson DC-25 Roller Brush Replacement

For a variety of ‘how to’ vacuum repair videos feel free to visit Crucial Vacuums Youtube channel

We hope these tips can be of help and if you have any vacuum maintenance questions feel free to call our support team Mon-Fri 9-5 EST at 877-750-9239 or send us an email at