Jul 28 2015

Back to School: Dorm Cleaning Tips

back to school

It’s back to school season, and the importance of cleanliness within the dorm room is a matter of life and death – well, socially, that is. The first few weeks of college consist all of the valuable first impressions. And one impression must not be that single label: “slob.”

Warning: Ensure Roommate Coordination

First and foremost, talk with the roommate. Going ‘back to school’ doesn’t mean you should continue your living habits from before.  We don’t recommend buying furniture or large decorative posters/wall knick-knacks without communication. It may conflict with religious beliefs, maybe too distracting, or just plain creepy. Yeah, let’s keep things civil.

Make a mess, clean it up

It’s very easy to sweep the crumbs aside, to spill a little bit of soda and just pat it dry, or simply letting the dishes pile up. If something could potentially make a mess, no matter how small, those who don’t sleep in that particular room will notice it.

back to school vacuuming tips

Vacuums can be your best friend

If there are a lot of crumbs, or a carpet needing a quick cleaning, a small vacuum such as the Crucial Swirl or the Ontel Swivel Sweeper can do the job. Small vacuums such as those could assist any student greatly. Vacuums can be miracle workers.

Yeah, spills don’t just dry away

If there’s a small spill, patting it dry will not prevent the spot from becoming sticky. Don’t let your future guests step on it and suddenly lose a sock. To avoid any embarrassing occurrence, wipe it up with soap and warm water, and after mixing a solution of ½ cup of vinegar and one quart of water dab the spot to ensure nothing is left behind.  Also, don’t forget to wipe the door if there’s a rubber gasket on the inside of the door!

No matter how much you ignore ‘em, Dishes don’t go away.

The most important tip for dishes is to turn them into a life routine. Not only would this be valuable at the dorm, but also everyone, everyday will need to do this tedious task. Make it an “at the end of the day” chore and coordinate with the roommate to see who takes responsibility for which day.

back to school organizing tips

Clean, but not Tidy

The true enemy to a student’s dorm cleanliness, is the organization of his or her things. We recommend you stack your textbooks in one place, file your papers in folders, keep writing utensils in one cup, and please, for the sake of your parents, don’t forget to hang up and put away your clothing after laundry. And don’t forget to make your bed.

Set the Routine for more than just going back to school

In all of the chaos that is sudden independence, starting on healthy adult habits can make this back to school, the beginning of a healthy you. We hope you enjoy your college experience and wish you a happy, clean dorm.