Jul 31 2015

Packing Tips for College: The Conventional and Unconventional

packing tips - college packing
We have another great set of packing tips for you dear departing college students. We’re giving you the essential packing tips to surviving your first year on your very own.

Pack only the essentials

As a new college student, it’ll be very tempting to bring your entire bedroom to college, but college is the time for learning who you’re going to be for the rest of your life. So bring what you need and leave some room for a new you!

  • Bring clothing, toiletries, and all the important “necessary to live” items that your parents call practical.  Also think about all the types of weather you may face. Be sure to leave winter clothing at home or bring it if you visit home before winter break.
  • Do not bring a lot of posters, stuffed animals, high school trophies, or anything that turns the room into your old bedroom. Instead, invent and grow over the months at college!

So don’t worry, college will introduce you to new interests that will fill your bare walls and shelves.

Hercampus provides a great long list of both the necessary and the optional to bring.

Your Luggage space needs attention too

Packing tips - rolling clothes

  • Roll, don’t fold clothing. This will not only decrease the chances of wrinkles, but it allows you to fit more clothing if your suitcase is tall.
  • Coordinate with your roommate for bathroom appliances. Share blowdryers, curlers, flat irons, etc. The less you bring, the easier the move.
  •  Zip Loc everything that contains liquids. Not only this would avoid spills but also organize if you sharpie each bag. Use it as a container for everything small.
  • Use tic tac boxes to hold hairpins and hair ties.

Bring semi-formal attire

It may not come to mind often, but this is a very important packing tip. College will be full of opportunities to attend special dinners and fancy events. You don’t want to end up paying for another dress or suit, so save some heavy dough expenditure and pack smart!

There are some unconventional items

  • Duct Tape more than likely will save your life. The Internet knows, we know, and you secretly know that duct tape is the magical tool that can fix anything. Instead of listing what it could do, here’s what it can’t: (                   )
  • Clorox/Lysol Wipes is a duster, spill cleanser, screen cleaner, you name it (as long as you read the directions on applicable uses of course). Clorox wipes are incredibly useful for cleaning your room and bathroom with a quick grab.
  • A plunger is a good idea because, really, let’s not wait for an emergency to happen before buying the solution; pre-emptive strike that issue. Most people don’t think about this essential tool when moving to a new place. I mean, why would it be on our minds?
  • Shower footwear. This is college and more than likely, you will have communal showers. So, yeah, this is an obvious one but we can’t emphasize this tip enough. Eww.
  • Herbs and spices from home to enhance campus food to make it more bearable.
  • Paper Towels is something easily overlooked as a new college student. Parents usually took care of that, right?
  • Earplugs may or may not be helpful. Who knows if your roommate has sleep-interrupting snores or other things are happening next door. It’s just something useful.

packing tips - plastic tubs

Crucial Packing Tip: Pack like you’re constantly moving

You’re going to be moving in and out of your room each semester or year (depending on your college) and you have to keep that in mind. Use large sealable tubs that could really reduce the number of packages. Don’t invest in the small organizers. Make the quantity of moveable objects at a minimum.

We at Crucial Vacuum hope some of these packing tips are helpful. Please share any more tips you may have in the comments!