Aug 4 2015

13 Uses for your Old Coffee Grounds

coffee grounds Toss out old coffee grounds? We’re all guilty of the after-use, dispose everything method. When we buy something, it’s obvious that we should toss it out once we got our use out of it, right? Coffee grounds can do so much more than fill us with caffeine. This is a habit a lot of us are guilty of, and Crucial Vacuum is here to show you alternative uses for your old coffee grounds that will probably make you slap your forehead in shame for tossing out your old grounds all this time.


Keep your used coffee grounds in the kitchen

coffee grounds fridge

  1. As the grounds still give off a pleasant smell, you can use your grounds to deodorize your fridge.
  2. Grab a rag and scrub your grounds against your pots, pans and tools to get rid of that tough grime. (Do not use on ceramic or easily stained dishes)
  3. Rub on your hands after cutting onions or other strong odor food products to get rid of the odor.
  4. Mix with boiling water and dish soap; you can use it to unclog your drains.

Enhance your wonderful Garden

  1. After making a batch, spill the coffee grounds into the soil of your garden or potted plants. It helps increase nitrogen intake, ultimately helping your plants grow healthier.
  2. Old coffee attracts Earthworms. These beautiful creatures are absolutely essential in fertilizing your soil.
  3. Deter all pests. The old coffee grounds deter both a number of insects, snails/slugs and cats that love to devour your beloved garden.
  4. Gives your carrots a nice boost of awesome. Just remember to use the old grounds with the carrot seeds for the full effect!

Surprising living room uses

Coffee Grounds fireplace

  1. Have wooden furniture with deep scratches? Squeeze some old coffee grounds into the crevices to minimize the marks.
  2. If you’ve lit the fireplace, pit, or a bonfire, you can use the grounds on the flames to lessen the dust that gets billowed into the air.

Creative uses for Art projects

  1. The coffee grounds can be used as a dye if the cloth is submerged into a cup of re-brewed coffee and leave for 24 hours to get a nice aged brown color.
  2. Use the same technique on paper to make an aged paper look. Amazing for historical projects for kids.
  3. Since the coffee can easily stain paper, naturally it can make a nice color for painting without breaking the bank saving you from buying a lot of paint.

While recycling and reusing your old coffee grounds, don’t forget to thoroughly clean and continually replace your filters to always make sure you get the best cup of coffee out of every brew. We hope that you now have some awesome ideas of what to do after you brew your next batch of coffee! Happy drinking!