Aug 20 2015

How to Vacuum Efficiently While Avoiding Common Mistakes

how to vacuum vacuum

There are two types of people in this world: those who love to vacuum and those who don’t.

While we at Crucial Vacuum shake our heads to those who don’t (nah, we still like you), undoubtedly both groups make critical vacuuming mistakes that may end up breaking the device faster than its normal lifespan. Read on to learn how to vacuum properly!

We will be outlining the most common vacuuming mistakes and how to avoid them to help your vacuum live a long fruitful life.

You Wait too Long to Vacuum

Using your vacuum is certainly a chore, but it should be done weekly as a good practice, rather than waiting for the room to get really dirty.

First, you want to dust your home before starting the vacuum. If you decide to dust after vacuuming, then all your efforts have gone to waste. Get the dust off high places and onto the floor first.

Vacuuming can help keep your home from being cluttered by filth. And when you feel your home is actually dirty, it’s a lot worse than you believe. So keep up a weekly routine to vacuum. It’ll make your life and your vacuums life much easier.

how to vacuum attachments

You Don’t Use the Attachments

Whether you have misplaced them, or never thought they had a use, vacuum attachments is a must use during your weekly vacuum sessions. Use the upholstery tool to vacuum your… upholstery. Curtains and blinds need a good vacuuming and wipe down quite often, so be sure to use that nifty tool.

Another attachment tool that will become your best friend is the crevice tool. That’s the long tool with a diagonal opening. This tool is absolutely essential for the hard to reach spots that your vacuum may have shoved filth into. Spots such as room corners, base boards and in between the carpet and wall are no contest for this tool.

You Don’t Move Your Vacuum Properly

how to vacuum properly

You must be thinking, “Uh, vacuuming is pretty straight forward. I can’t vacuum wrong.”  Yeah, well you actually can!

First you must vacuum in both directions. A lot of people forget to do this, then their carpets and rugs only get half vacuumed. Rugs and carpets trap filth incredibly easy with their fabric, so by vacuuming in both directions, you jostle this trapped filth free to be sucked away.

Next tip is to vacuum away from the wall, not push toward it. You can accidentally jam filth into the hard to reach spots that can only be cleaned with a crevice tool. Keep the job easy for you and pull away from the wall.

You Wait for the Bag to Become Full

One of the worst things you could do to your vacuum is let the vacuum bag completely fill up. The fuller the bag, the weaker the vacuum’s suction becomes.

According to the Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association the vacuum’s suction power peaks at 50% capacity, anything more than halfway, the vacuum’s efficiency diminishes.

Also, you should never reuse bags. They deteriorate in quality, and can cut efficiency by half as well.

You Vacuum the Wrong Things

how to vacuum no cereal

It’s incredibly easy to just vacuum up any mess. Anything with a high quantity seems easily solvable with your beautiful vacuum cleaner. No – that’s a big no from us!

These are the must-not vacuum items to be careful of:

  • Anything moist/wet food: Unless you own a special vacuum that was designed to pick up wet messes, do not vacuum things like spilled cereal. This may cause damage to your vacuum or begin fungal growths.
  • Fine dust or ashes: these incredibly small particles in a large quantity can cause clogging against your filter, quickly depleting its lifespan.
  • Coins, paper clips, or tiny objects: although it’s incredibly easy to accidentally vacuuming these things up, try your best to avoid them as they can irreparably damage and jam your brush roller or shatter the internal plastic of your vacuum.

You Don’t Change the Parts and Filters

Always remember that your vacuum is an investment. Don’t plan to change your vacuum every few years, but rather, try to make it last for a decade.

People often neglect to change the parts, or more importantly, its filter, and when the unit doesn’t clean efficiently, people assume that it’s time to replace the vacuum.

Save yourself from a huge expense and purchase third party parts and filters and repair your vacuums. We’ve got you covered for all of your vacuum parts and filter needs for numerous brands at a very affordable cost with free shipping.

We hope you enjoyed these tips to help take care of your vacuum! Don’t make the same mistake again and we wish you a happy vacuuming!