Aug 10 2015

National Lazy Day: Robot Vacuum Duel

Robot Vacuum Lazy Pic

It’s National Lazy Day, and we all know how much you’d love to celebrate today, but there’s that icky, dusty mess you’ve got in the corner and your vacuum is across the room.

Ugh, but this sofa is comfortable.  If only we had stretchy arms.

We here at Crucial Vacuum have a solution for you. A Roomba or Neato is a really nifty investment for days like today when you want a constant vacuum cleaning up after the chips you might be eating right now.

In honor of National Lazy Day we will be comparing between the two competitive Robot Vacuum brands in our very own, Robot Vacuum Duel.

Keep in mind, these two brands are both amazing in their own respects, but through our comparison, see which one of these robot vacuum brands caters towards your preference!

We are basing these comparisons on the Roomba 700 series and the Neato XV-21


Robot Vacuum Roomba

Roomba: The circular shape of the Roomba is purely aesthetic. It has a very appealing appearance while taking up just a small area on your floor.  The suction is more powerful than the Neato by just a small margin, but it is something to take account for. The Roomba is also shorter than the Neato design so it may fit underneath tall enough furniture.  Plus the appealing shape makes this futuristic toy a pleasure to watch.

Neato: The Neato robotic vacuums have a U-shape that isn’t as pleasing to the eye as the circular Roomba. However, the U-shape was entirely intentional. As the front section has corners, this is to reach the difficult spots, such as those pesky dusty corners of your floors. Unfortunately, in this design, Neatos are taller than Roombas, so they don’t fit underneath many pieces of furniture as the Roomba does.

Robot Vacuum Neato


Roomba: They get close to about four hours on one charge. To dock itself into the charger, the Roomba takes a bit of time, but has ingenious path-finding technology to get back to its dock. The Roomba continually communicates with its “lighthouse” dock to problem-solve its way back.

Neato: The Neato works for about 70 minutes on one charge. The Neato’s path-finding technology isn’t as great as Roomba’s however it can reach its dock much quicker than the Roomba.


Roomba: The Roombas come with one Virtual Wall that emits an invisible beam to tell the Roomba not to clean in those areas. The beam can cover up to fourteen feet of space and you can always purchase more of these Virtual Walls.

Neato:  The Neato uses magnetic marker strips to designate the boundaries. They work however they’re not as technologically savvy as the Roomba’s virtual walls.


Roomba: With the AeroVac dust bin technology, you won’t have to clean out the bin as often. Cleaning it probably won’t have to be more than once a week.

Neato: The Neato has a larger dust bin than the Roomba however once it’s close to capacity, it may start leaving a little bit of dirt streaks. As long as you keep emptying it, it shouldn’t ever reach that point, but a forgetful day could lead to this mess.

Robot vacuum maintenance


What’s great about these two brands is that their parts are easily replaceable by third party companies including our own Crucial Vacuum:

iRobot Roomba parts.
Neato Parts.

We hope you enjoyed our comparison for having a successful lazy vacuuming session for National Lazy Day. Celebrate well, from your friends at Crucial Vacuum!