Aug 18 2015

Shark vs. Dyson Upright Vacuum Comparison

Shark vs. Dyson comparison

Are you in the market for an exceptional vacuum? Look no further because we here at Crucial Vacuum aim to give you the essential information to provide insight on the age-old feud of Shark vs. Dyson.

Before you make your final choice, we will provide the essential information such as: suction, filtration attachments, durability, usability, and price.

We are basing these statistics on the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV652) and Dyson DC65. So the brands will undoubtedly differ based on models. These two vacuums are the most popular in the upright vacuum category of their brands.

Keep in mind, both brands are absolutely amazing in their technological prowess, just select your brand based on your personal preference!

Which has better Suction Power?

On average the Shark Rotator has a suction power of 270 AW (air watt)

On average the Dyson DC65 has a suction power of 245 AW

While close in numbers, it’s clear that the Shark is slightly more powerful, however the 25 AW isn’t night and day, therefore in this category, We’d chalk them as equals.

What attachments/accessories do these models utilize?

Shark NV652

Shark NV652

The Shark Rotator can use the following attachments: Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Pet Upholstery tool, True Pet Mini Motorized Brush, and accessory bag.

The Dyson DC65 has the following: Tangle-free turbine tool, stiff bristle brush, soft dusting brush, multi-angle brush, and the Zorb carpet maintenance powder.

Whether you’re favorable to vacuum attachments or not, the options are available to you and can help in deciding which vacuum may be a worthy investment.

How heavy are these units and how much waste can they hold?

The Shark Rotator weighs about 15.6 lbs. and can carry about 0.852 gallons worth of waste.

The Dyson DC65 weighs about 17.35 lbs. and can carry about 0.55 gallons worth of waste.

For this category, the Shark Rotator NV652 dominates as its design efficiently carries more and weighs less, making a very smooth vacuuming experience.

What if something happens? Are the parts easily replaceable? What about the Warranty?

Your vacuum purchase is a year-spanning investment. And because it is a large investment, you’re going to have to maintain upkeep for it.

Luckily 3rd party manufactured parts can restore both brands to optimum efficiency in order to save money from buying directly from Shark or Dyson.

Good thing for you we sell high quality replacement parts for both Shark & Dyson:

Shark Navigator NV652 parts.

Dyson DC65 parts.

Warranties are also a main concern for most consumers. If your fear that your vacuum is entirely irreparable and you’re still covered by the warranty, be sure to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

On average the Shark Rotator is covered by a 7-year warranty.

On average the Dyson DC65 is covered by a 5-year warranty.

And finally, the price.

Dyson DC65

Dyson DC65

The Shark Rotator averages at around $239.99

The Dyson DC65 averages at around $399.99

While the prices are vastly different, what the Dyson has that the Shark does not is the brand name. Dyson is a very large household name which accounts for their reliability and popular demand.

While Shark is a smaller fish than its competitor in this Shark vs Dyson comparison, they have proven that they’re a strong competitor in both price and prowess.

Whether you’re feeling like going with a big name brand, or the growing competitor, both vacuums are absolutely exceptional.

We hope you enjoyed this comparison of Shark vs. Dyson and whichever you may choose, we’re happy to support you here at Crucial Vacuum.