Aug 27 2015

Crucial Vacuum’s Top Cordless Vacuum Pick of 2015

Top Cordless Vacuum messy cord

Have you incessantly cursed at your vacuum as you stumble across its cord? Have you wrapped the cord around the furniture, toppling chairs and tables creating a larger mess than initially? Then you’ve probably considered going cordless. So why not get the top cordless vacuum on the market today!

There are dozens of different cordless vacuums that you could choose from, but based on both experience and research, we at Crucial Vacuum have our top pick for 2015.

Should You Go Cordless?

You’ll have to ask yourself, “is my living space worth investing a cordless vacuum or a standard corded one?”

So what kind of living space are cordless vacuums appropriate for? Small Apartments and car interiors.

If you have a large home with numerous rooms, you won’t be able to clear more than two of them with a cordless vacuum’s battery life.  So stick with a corded one for the sake of your sanity.

Top Carpet Cleaner

If your living space calls for the cordless vacuum, then you need to see what your options are. Battery powered vacuums will have a weaker suction power compared to their corded counterparts.

This makes vacuuming on carpets or rugs slightly more difficult, however there are brands that do a better job at pulling than others.

top cordless vacuum Dyson V6

Dyson V6

If you need a stick that has a powerful motor that’ll really pull away on carpets and rugs, you can’t go wrong with a Dyson V6.

This stick has an ingenious design where it adds another motor down in the floor tool eliminating the need for a belt to spin the brush, increasing its brush power compared to its competitors.

However, the biggest downside to the Dyson V6 is its price. For the basic package, it can cost anywhere from $320 to $400.

It is an amazing piece of machinery, but at its price point, you can go for an even better corded vacuum that’ll clean much better.

Crucial Vacuum’s Top Pick

Top Cordless Vacuum Hoover 2-in-1 2.0

Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 2.0

Although it’s not as powerful as the Dyson V6, at less than half the cost, the Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 2.0 is an amazing vacuum that gets the job done very well.

This stick has an excellent 20-volt battery that makes this vacuum powerful enough to get almost any job done right. And since this beauty is a 2-in-1, this means at a push of a button it goes into hand-vac mode, which makes cleaning your car easily done.

The cleaning head has a tilting and swiveling joint, allowing it to perform really well in corners and crevices. The brush roll can easily pick up litter and dust, however it lacks a little compared to the Dyson brand when it comes to power for carpets.

Cleaning or changing the brush roller is incredibly easy as well on this machine. The plate comes off without using any tools and the roller pops out. This makes cutting tangles and debris incredibly easy unlike most vacuums that use screws and Torx screws.

Another really nifty feature is the LED light on the head of the vacuum that illuminates your messes.

And of course the most important (and our favorite) aspect of the Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 is that for the “two” vacuums it’ll only cost you at around $150 dollars.

That’s it Folks!

Top Cordless Vacuum Hoover Air Cordless 3.0

Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 3.0

There is also a $100 more expensive, 3.0 version of this vacuum with even better power and statistics, if you have the extra money to spend. However the 2.o is an incredible machine in itself.

As of 2015, we love our Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 2.0 and especially its 3.0 improvement which we sell filters for as well!

Thank you for reading our recommendation and we wish you a happy (no tripping over the cord) vacuum session!