Sep 1 2015

Back to School Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy

back to school kindergartenAs the college kids flock from the nest, we still have our young elementary school kids getting ready to go back to school. At this point, you’re no longer worried about dorm cleanliness; we’re worried about making sure our kids stay healthy!

As most teachers often admit, the classroom is certainly a cesspool of germs and bacteria that can certainly infect your child and soon get the whole family sick.

So we at Crucial Vacuum have some valuable tips for you on how to keep your kids healthy as they head back to school.

Covering Their Mouth

back to school sneezeNot only should you be wary of other children infecting your kids, but teaching your child healthy habits can ease the minds of other parents and stop the spread of awful sicknesses.

Things like carrying tissues in their bags, or teaching them how to cover their mouth by doing the Dracula pose (sneezing/coughing into the elbow) can help them stop spreading germs.

Teaching your kids how to instinctually cover their mouths will make your life easier and help the poor teacher who will probably become sick as well.

Sleeping and Exercising

back to school playing outsideIt’s important to get your kids immune system working overtime during the cold season. An active lifestyle and a healthy sleep schedule can really help the immune system work off any sickness.

It is suggested that children younger than the teens should get at least ten hours of sleep.  Sleep deprivation can reduce the body’s immunity by 30%

Giving your child a lot of outdoors time with fresh air and running around is also a great boost. The bacteria and pollen in the air will go into your child’s system, allowing it to adapt and become resilient to sicknesses. And of course, exercise makes the immune system run quicker.

What They Eat

back to school eating healthyIf your child eats a lot of fats or sugary drinks/foods it can suppress your child’s immune system.

Giving your child fruits, vegetables, and foods that are high in antioxidants and healthy vitamins can keep the immune system working at its full potential. So we recommend you stock up the pantry with healthy food and snacks that you can pack in their lunch boxes!

Vitamins and Supplements

Providing your children with vitamins and supplements is a good start to a healthy system right before the school year. Before they go off, giving your child a chewable vitamin, or multivitamin can be a great system enhancer.

back to school chewable vitaminProbiotics are another immune system booster that comes highly recommended. They’re helpful in avoiding outbreaks such as strep throat and the flu.

However, you should always consult with your pediatrician if any of these vitamins may pose a risk for your child, because in large quantities, ingredients such as iron can have its risks.

Washing Hands and Sharing Germy Objects

Reinforcing hand cleanliness is absolutely important. Their hands are the top source of catching germs that cause sicknesses. Practice hand washing with your child every time they come in from the outdoors, whenever they touch public handles or rails, and touch items that belong to other children such as pencils back to school washing handsand crayons.

Introducing your child to using hand sanitizer is a great idea so that they could bring a bottle with them to school and maintain cleanliness even when you’re not around.

Most importantly, teach your child what not to share. They should not share cups, lip balms or even writing utensils.

It’s Not as Scary as it Sounds

Ultimately, it may be inevitable that your child gets sick. It happens from time to time and you can’t preserve them in a bubble of safety their whole lives. Children get sick so their immune system gets stronger. It really is inevitable, but if you follow our tips, you can always limit how often your child gets sick because frankly, if your child gets sick, so will you.

We wish you a healthy back to school from your friends at Crucial Vacuum!