Sep 22 2015

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Increasing Positivity

Every day, we move from place to place, repeating our patterns of eating, consuming, working, playing and sleeping. While the repetition can become tedious, and blur our days into streams of boring weeks, we sometimes forget how to live a healthy lifestyle.

We have a set of lifestyle tips that will help turn each day in a positive light, to make it easier for you and those around you as positivity is of the utmost importance in a healthy lifestyle.

Saying “Okay” instead of “K” or “No”

healthy lifestyle tips okay“No” is an incredibly easy word to say. Do you find yourself uttering the word so quick you no longer remember what was initially asked? Instead of saying No, try saying “Okay.” Okay is such an easy word to utter that can really change someone else’s mood. It spreads positivity as it may allow you to make new experiences, be a good friend, or even find love in an unsuspected place.

Now don’t mix up “okay” with “K.” With the generation of the “quick texters,” “K” is not a quick synonym for “okay” but rather a quick, rude version of “alright, conversation over, I understand what you said.” This can truly deter people from wanting to reach out to you. K inspires negativity with a false face. So remember, try saying “okay.”

Take a walk for your thoughts

healthy lifestyle tips walkWalking can cure many ailments of a wandering mind. As problems arise, from work or social situations, our mind loves to clutter itself with busy thoughts of negativity. Go out for a walk outside and limit yourself from emotional stimulations from your computer and/or phone.

Taking a peaceful walk with nothing but the outdoors to envelop your senses, you’re left to giving all of your mental focus on resolving your issues. The healthy exercise inspires your mind to work a little harder in viewing different perspectives and tackle your issue. By the time your walk is over, you will definitely come up with a solution.

Motivational items at work

healthy lifestyle tips motivationalIt’s easy to think of motivational items to be cheesy with their taglines and imagery, however not all motivational items fall under that description. Motivational items could be things a significant other has made or be something that speaks true to your hope and dreams.

During the daily grind, you may find yourself lost in thought, questioning yourself or start to think negatively about where you are. But these motivational tokens of insight can inspire your work ethic, as it is a constant reminder of tomorrow for your hopes and dreams. Sometimes having a little nudge that reminds you of why you’re working can really help you perform better at work and remind you that your time after work hours is your time, and you can spend it working toward your dreams.

Sleep away from your phone

Healthy lifestyle tips phoneThe digital age has entwined with our every waking moment. Sometimes it feels as if our phones are glued to our hands as we check it every single moment to check emails, social media networks, texts, or game notifications. Our minds have adapted itself to grow dependent on our phones little chime or blinking light notifying us of something new to detect. So the worst thing we could do for our body is to keep our phone by our beds.

Since our minds have gotten used to the quick notifications, the sound or light can actually disrupt our REM sleep cycle and tell our bodies to grab the phone. With this constant possible interruption, we’ll wake up tired and groggy. It’s best if we sleep without the phone or shut the phone completely off. Give yourself a nice and healthy rest.

Sleep without a pillow

healthy lifestyle tips pillowDo you constantly wake up to an ache in your neck or your back feeling sore from sleeping in a wrong position? Consider sleeping without a pillow. With our bodies purposefully designed to sleep on a flat surface.  Try sleeping without one for a few nights at a time, and see how your body feels!

Remind yourself and others that you’re awesome

healthy lifestyle tips awesomeIt’s incredibly easy to devalue yourself. It’s an incredibly common human flaw. There’s a reason why there are people in your lives, and that’s because you’re awesome. Everyone feels down in the dumps, but these people in our lives are always there to help us back up. So to take away from this tip is to treat everyone in your life just as great as they treat you.

People want to feel benefited from others. Contribute to their daily lives, make it better for them and they’ll better yours. It’s a human quality to share and support each other. And don’t forget, you’re awesome because everyone else knows it too.

In a world plagued by negativity, we hustle and bust our butts to live a happy life. Although small, making  lifestyle changes such as these can lead to an easier and fulfilling day. So live day to day with a little more positivity with these healthy lifestyle tips from your friends at Crucial Vacuum.