Sep 29 2015

Need to Know Humidifier Benefits for the Coming Cold Season

humidifier benefits humidifierAs time has gone by, we have grown used to the idea of making our air conditioners and heaters a part of our every day lives. They gave us a comfort that fans or natural heat could ever provide, but not many believe the same about humidifiers.

Many people have questioned its purpose over the years, but nowadays, people are starting to realize the benefits of owning a humidifier, especially during the cold seasons. Here are the following humidifier benefits that most people aren’t aware of.

Relieve Sinus Issues

humidifier benefits sinusWith dry air, comes troubled sinuses. They won’t drain properly and could potentially cause nosebleeds from the dryness.  With the moisture provided by a humidifier, it could relieve congestion and sinusitis.

Recover from Sicknesses Quicker

Whether it’s a cold or allergies, a humidifier will help keep your sinus lubricated and healthier in order to combat illnesses quicker than a weakened immune system from a dry sinus. However, if you suffer from allergies and worry about humidifiers negatively affecting you, there are also humidifiers that purify the air as well to alleviate allergies.

Create Warmth without Turning Up the Heat

Ever noticed how in humid weather moderate temperatures feel considerably hotter? For instance, a Texas 100-degree heat is considerably bearable compared to a New York City 85-degree heat due to its humidity. So instead of further turning up the heat in your home, you could turn on the humidifier, creating better warmth that also benefits your breathing.

Hydrate all Plant Life 

humidifier benefits plantHumidifiers are extremely beneficial for houseplants. Most indoor plants come from tropical climates, so if there’s a lack of humidity in the air, you may notice browning on the tips of your plant’s leaves. It’s not always due to a lack of watering but rather the air quality. So if you’re a fellow plant lover, a humidifier is a worthy investment.

Moisturize Your Skin

During the winter months, after blasting your heat all the way up, your skin naturally dries up and cracks. While not extremely painful, it’s still an annoying seasonal occurrence. With humidifiers you can keep your skin moisturized and fresh. Leaving them on as you sleep will allow your skin to look refreshed the morning after.

Preserve Your Voice

Vocal cords need to be lubricated in order to be efficiently used. This is especially important for singers and actors as a dehydrated vocal cord limits the range and strains it to the point of potential voice loss. A humidifier provides the moisture you may need to keep your voice at its best while the humidity also helps battle any colds that may affect the vocal cords as well.

Reduce Snoring 

humidifier benefits snoringLow moisture levels in your nose and soft palate can be a major contributor to snoring. Keeping these moist may reduce the snoring intensity that normally would be sore in the morning.

While these are just a few benefits of humidifiers for the cold seasons, humidifiers provide benefits all year around or benefits based on your living situation such as stuffy apartments.

So Should You Get a Humidifier?

We at Crucial Vacuum firmly believe that life isn’t just heaters and air conditioners; these machines are more than comfort combatting illnesses and healthy moisture that your body requires.

Humidifiers are essential to everyday life, and we offer filters for most of the major brands so that the air you breathe may always be clean and healthy. We wish you a happy moisturizing day!