Sep 16 2015

National Working Parents Day: Parenting Tips for Balancing Work and Home

The most professional jugglers are not in the circus; they’re your parents and my parents. Working parents who had to learn how to balance work and life have been around for generations, and what kept them sane was the knowledge they’ve received from their parents and new knowledge they’ve discovered themselves.

Working Parents Day ParentToday is national Working Parents Day, and on this day we celebrate those who have been there for us as we grew older and they spent every moment earning and teaching us. And as some of us have children of our own, no matter how old our children are, we are still working and learning as parents.

Here are some helpful tips on teaching your children even though you may be away for more than half of the day working hard.

Manage Your Time Efficiently 

  • Share responsibilities if you have a partner, if not, consider hiring a cleaner or gardener if you could afford one, so you could spend less time on chores and more with your children.
  • Teach your children how to clean up after themselves including washing dishes and putting laundry away. These simple tasks could be accomplished at an early age and will help free up some time for you.Working Parents Day Balance
  • Give your children jobs at home and get into the habit of doing it regularly. Reward them with fun activities they love to do with you.
  • Schedule family time as a weekly occurrence. Could be a game night, baking or anything where it emphasizes family interaction without digital distractions.
  • Help your children understand the morning routine so that they know what to do and by when. Have a list posted up that they could refer to so that they may become more independent in getting ready.
  • Prepare the night before. Things like packing lunches, have a plan for breakfast, and laying out clothes can make the process in the morning all the easier.
  • Leave the Office at the office. Completely detach yourself from the office when you leave it so that you may efficiently focus on your children and de-stress with them.
  • And of course: spend time with your partner or spouse. Balancing work and parenting is important but maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner is extremely important as well. Unhappiness between couples is very infectious. So always keep others in your family in mind.

Parenting Tips

  • The most important parenting tip for any working parent is to always expect respect from your children. Do not allow your child to treat you as servants or money-providers. When you’re given only limited time to be with your children, it’s easy to spend that time spoiling them, but try to refrain from becoming the bribing parent.
  • Don’t be over-indulgent with money or technology. The best thing you could give your child is your time. Giving your child new technology will encourage them to enjoy time behind a screen rather than personal interaction and conversation.
  • working parents day readingLearn to say no to your child.
  • Stay calm even if they’re misbehaving. Time is wasted if you’re angry with them. Find a way to deal with the issue without shouting or extreme discipline.
  • Model the behavior you want your children to have. Especially with anger management.
  • If your child complains about the other parent, never gang up on your partner. Use this opportunity to learn and teach about emotional intelligence and compromise. Stress the positives of the other parent and teach how to have effective conversations.
  • Keep an eye out on sibling rivalry. Children are more likely to fight each other if it grabs your attention. Praise every moment your children get on well together and encourage them to work as a team than compete. Be very vigilant on the rivalry.
  • And at night, whenever possible, read a book to your child (starting at one-day old). Get them to read to you when they’re proficient. Make reading a pleasure for not only does it create a healthy habit, but it makes great valuable time between you and your child.

Flexible Working

  • If possible choose jobs that allow flexibility even if it means less money or find work that stays within the school hours. Sell it to an employer as a request by saying it’s a way to make most of your skill-set rather than coping with stress affecting your performance.
  • If you can work partially at-home, ensure that you don’t work at the place you have family dinners. Enclose yourself in a separate room where you can easily slip on the working role and parenting is outside of the room. When you close that door, you’re mentally and physically efficient.
  • Limit your vacation time usage. If there are weddings or milestone celebrations to attend, think carefully on what you could attend and compare that with vacation time to spend with your children. Learn how to say no to smaller events.
  • If possible, work part time and coordinate with your partner in order to figure out an effective schedule for both parents to have quality time with your child.

Working Parents Day Flexible WorkWhile there are hundreds of tips and tricks for all working parents, here are ours to share with you for today.

Dear parents, we’re all grateful for how you’ve raised us and the hard work you did  at the same time. It’s a tough job but you’ve done it wonderfully.

We at Crucial Vacuum hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and we wish you a Happy Working Parents Day!