Oct 8 2015

Healthy Tips to Boost Your Brainpower

boost your brainpower brainAs we work and drone away at our keyboards, at times we feel mentally spent and are left with no time to work on the things we’d love to do when we get home. It’s hard to remember that the brain is a muscle, and like a muscle you can train it to withstand fatigue and boost your brain power/stamina. Through this, your memory will become a lot more accurate and reliable, and your thought processes would quicken.

We realize this importance and we have compiled our favorite tips to boosting your brainpower and keeping away mental fatigue!

Exercise the Body, Exercise the Mind

boost your brainpower runningCardio is the exercise for anyone creative. An exercise that keeps your heart beating, your body moving, and your mind only focused on the action, will not only help clear your mind but will bring a nice flow of energy to your mind. The circulation of your blood moves quicker, fueling your brain and by the time the cardio is over, you’ll feel mentally refreshed. The following are excellent cardio exercises to get the mind going:

  • Go on a run, or use the treadmill
  • Pace around in place when needing to step away from the computer
  • Walk up and down the stairs
  • Take dancing lessons
  • Go for walks with a friend or loved one 

Eat a Healthy Diet

Whatever we put into our bodies has a direct affect on our brains. Being aware of the food we ingest could have a noticeable difference in our mood and way of thinking. It is absolutely essential to eat healthy brain foods that can really boost your brainpower. Here are some notable foods:

  • Fish have oils called omega-3 oils that are incredibly beneficial for the brain
  • boost your brainpower foodVegetables such as: broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and some berries carry excellent vitamins that improves brain function
  • Meat, and especially eggs with their high count in protein is extremely beneficial to your brain as they contain high levels of amino acids, such as tyrosine, which cause neurons to produce very important neurotransmitters which are associated with mental alertness
  • Ginkgo biloba which is an herb extracted from the ginkgo tree has great effects on memory that is often found in pill form can be a great supplement.

Having Great Personal Relationships

The people you keep around can have a significant influence over your brainpower. The more diverse and unique each of your friends and family are, the more activities and interests your introduced to thus making you more well-rounded in other subjects.

This goes for your significant other as well. Your other half is half of your team, and together you can work together to boost memory function. For instance, if your partner is good at remembering details about a person but not their name, and you’re better at remembering their name but not the details, working together can help retain information together.

Healthy Habits for Every Day Life

There are everyday activities that you could perform that may not have an immediate affect on your brainpower but after making these into a habit, you’ll find that your mind is working a lot more efficiently.

  • boost your brainpower writingDo crosswords, puzzles, read books, or play cards: Studies have shown that performing these activities consistently help delay memory loss, and keep your brain active.
  • Listen to a variety of different music: Listening to music not only entices certain feelings and emotions, but if you retain information listening to a particular song, and then replay the song at a later date, the information could be brought up in your memories again.
  • Writing it Down: Whether it’s a diary, journal, or just notes writing down what you want to remember can help. The act of writing allows oxygenated blood flow to go into parts of your brain that exercises the muscle responsible for memories. So start journaling, e-mailing more, or blogging and retain more information!
  • Teach someone else something. To further remember material for studying etc., it’s best to teach it to someone else as it furthers your understanding of the concept.
  • Train your brain with brainteasers and exercises. While these are just little fun games, playing different ones at different times keeps your brain focused and on its toes.

A Good Night’s Rest 

boost your brainpower sleepAnd the last and most obvious tip is to always have a great night’s rest. Your brain never fully shuts down when you go to sleep, however your brain uses this idle time to process the day and your afterthoughts; these are where are dreams develop.

While your brain is still working, it actually utilizes different parts of your brain with less amount of effort, so as one could imagine, sleep is extremely beneficial to brain function. Adults need at least 7-9 hours of sleep to have full benefits of sleep over the brain.

You can have a similar affect with newly retained information even if you take a nap in the middle of the day. So yes, we encourage some catnaps during your work break.

Boost your Brainpower!

We at Crucial Vacuum hope these tips help in boosting your brainpower. While some of these activities seem obvious, we often forget to perform these everyday tasks during our busy lives. So we hope that this serves as a healthy reminder to fully utilize your mind and practice healthy brainpower habits!