Oct 15 2015

Halloween Drinks and Accessories for Your Spooky Halloween Party

Halloween drinks main

Hosting an awesome Halloween Party? Well, get ready for our list of our favorite Halloween drinks! These cocktails are deliciously spooky, and as long as no one drinks and drive, we’re all for bingeing these drinks this Halloween! Safety first people.

1. Eyeball Ice Tray

halloween drinks eyeball

Via Martha Stewart

To get the drinks started, you’ll need ice and what better ice than creepy and disgusting ice cubes for Halloween! Using Radishes or Olives, you can create this disgustingly awesome ice cubes.

2. Shrunken Head Punch Bowl

Halloween drinks apples

Img from HalfHourMeals
Instructions via Martha Stewart

While it looks absolutely horrifying to look down into the punch bowl and see several gaping eyes staring at you, the fact that they’re peeled apples just adds that incredible boost of flavor. Creep out your friends while providing a delicious beverage!

3. Bloody Tooth Cocktail

Bloody teeth drink

Via Fake Ginger

Now this is truly a horrifying and disgusting drink for Halloween. While its appearance is dissatisfying the taste is quite the opposite with its blend of whiskey and pomegranate juice. Also don’t worry, they’re not real teeth, they’re pomegranate seeds. Or are they?

4. Zombie Slime Shooters

Halloween Drinks Zombie Slime


With such a beautiful light green color and the red rim on the glass, this spooky drink is incredibly inviting. This is a sweet and bitter blend with schnapps, vodka and coconut rum. Yum!

5. Creepy Crawlers

Halloween Drinks Creepy Crawlers

Via Talk of Tomatoes

This Creepy Crawlers drink, also sort of named by the creator as the Drunken Spider, has a dark, delicious taste while tickling your lips with creepy tendrils. Don’t worry, you can eat this spider’s legs, as they’re made from licorice!

Bonus: Putting Dry Ice on Your Cocktails

Halloween Drinks Dry Ice

Via Betty Crocker

Who doesn’t love a bonus tip? As this is a Halloween drinks post, we have to make it extra spectacular. What better way than to add dry ice to your drinks, to give that ghastly concoction appearance. Here’s a set of instructions from Betty Crocker on the appropriate size and safe handling of dry ice!

We at Crucial Vacuum are already preparing our Halloween drinks, and we just had to share our favorite found recipes on the Internet with you! We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! 

Please Drink Responsibly. Stay Safe & Have Fun!