Oct 21 2015

How to Meditate for the Modern, Stressed Skeptic

How to meditate mainMeditation used to have such a negative rap to it. There are a lot of skeptics, denying the health benefits to meditation, and at one point I too was one of those skeptics. However, after constant pressure from friends and family and learning how to meditate, I spent 5 minutes a day practicing the “techniques” I read up about.

I admit, at first my mind was running wild with doubt, but everyone kept saying, “stick with it, trust me.” And after a week or so of my practicing, I started to feel the change.

Meditation is often thought of the stereotype as the laughable, group circle that hums random notes. While those do exist, meditation is just a relaxation technique practiced by people of all cultures.

So if it isn’t humming, what is it then?

how to meditate anywhereMeditation is simply a mind relaxation exercise where you isolate your mind to a singular focus. Just like doing reps at a gym, it strengthens your mind’s muscle for attention span. In today’s busy and bustling world, our minds run a mile a minute with the innumerable tasks we flood ourselves. Learning how to meditate allows us to give our minds just minutes of peace a day to awaken with some clarity.

Why should I do it?

Learning how to meditate will not only provide a relaxation technique but studies have shown that it also helps medically by significantly reducing stress. 

We’re plagued with stress from all sorts of sources, and our minds should not be put to work at every waking moment.  Just giving yourself the brief moment to relieve the hyperactivity will have your brain thanking you for it.

Image from Lifehacker

Okay, I’ll give it a shot. How do I meditate? 

How to meditate musicAwesome! There are many ways to meditate, so it’s all a matter of preference, but the most common form of meditation are breathing exercises. Either by sitting or lying down, or anywhere where you’re stationary, keep your eyes closed and take slow breaths and exhale slowly. Breathe in hold for two seconds and release. If you find your mind jumping around, let it jump around, your mind will get bored of it pretty quickly.

Make this a daily habit for just two minutes. That’s all it takes to start this healthy habit – just two minutes. After you’ve grown accustomed to doing this activity daily, you can increase it to 5-15 minutes as a daily exercise. Just stick with it and feel the difference.

While breathing is the most popular, it’s not necessarily the only way to meditate. Meditating requires any activity that requires singular focus. This could be working on a puzzle or listening to lyric-less music in bed. As long as your focused on a single task, you’re meditating!

Is there anything to help me meditate?

how to meditate aromatherapyOf course there are! While some people use incense, or fiddle with prayer beads to help them focus, our personal favorite are our aromatherapy diffusers. Our stylish diffusers use essential oils to bring a great smell throughout your home instead of burning incense. While meditating the smells will allow you to focus on just the air quality and aroma.

We at Crucial Vacuum hope we’ve convinced some of you to at least give meditation a try!