Nov 12 2015

5 Life Lessons We Learn From Children

life lessons children mainWhen did we grow up? Have you asked yourself that question? I certainly have, many many times. Although we become wiser as we age, we also lose something with those fleeting years. Whether it be fun, the knack of making friends or taking life day by day with such enthusiasm, there are so many life lessons we can learn from observing our children. Here are the top lessons that we can start implementing in our lives today.

1) Tackling Each Day as a New Adventure 

life lessons children jumping on bedEver noticed how when your kids are really young they wake up really early, and they’re excited and full of energy, while you’re groggy and wanting just a little more time to sleep? Don’t worry you’re not alone.  Your child is so excited because they are ready to have the most fun out of the day, and can’t wait to explore what will happen! Who says that we can’t? Yes, we may have jobs to attend to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to make each day a lesson in learning for our lives. Keep an open mind and a happier attitude towards each day.

2) View Each Stranger You Meet As a Guaranteed New Friend

We’ve seen that look on children’s faces as they look at other kids with such excitement? Whenever they go to the park, and see other kids playing around, they see this as an opportunity to make friends! Whatever happened to that desire of meeting and befriending more people? If you ever had the thought, “I have enough friends.” That’s entirely untrue. We are social creatures and internally, we will always desire to meet more and more people! So get out there and treat each person as a friend you have not yet met.

3) Chase that Creative Pursuit

life lessons children creativityWhen you see kids playing in sand, blocks, or finger painting, you’re tempted to join in. Don’t lie; we know you have felt that urge. These creative pursuits and activities are not only fun, but also healthy for your mind. Adulthood seems to suppress the urge to create and every human needs the feeling of creation to exercise the right hemisphere of your mind. Tap into your inner creative self and sit down beside your child during the next creative pursuit.

4)  Be More Active and Try New Things 

Children have this awesome, courage where they aren’t afraid to try new things and fill up their day with a bunch of activities. As we adults constantly say, “oh we never relax,” having new and awesome activities with friends could do that relaxation. Organize outings, explore fun games to play with friends, or host some parties, anything to add events every week or so to break up the repetition of the day. Trying new things as often as possible makes life feel like you have all the time in the world to explore. Try rock climbing, try yoga – there are so many opportunities out in the world.

5) Notice the Little Things and Embrace Happiness

Life lessons children little thingsI’ve listened to my friends’ kids explain to me how amazing ants are, and how they pick things up that are considerably larger than them. They told me this while watching ants at work; as they dropped cookie crumbs right next the anthill. They smiled, explaining to me their fascinations and interests and I realized how rare I get to talk with others about my favorite fascinations, or newly learned facts. I start to see how the kids are taking notice of the little things, life’s little miracles that surrounds us every day. So, implementing that idea for every day, I spent more time on benches, watching the wind, exploring the outdoors and so much more. Surprisingly enough, these little things made me happier, and in that way, I’m embracing happiness. Observe and appreciate what life has to show us. And that’s a valuable life lesson only kids can teach us.

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