Nov 3 2015

Leaf Craft Ideas for Children As a Fun Fall Activity

leaf craft main

Last week we have written about safe and efficient strategies for leaf cleanup, however, with all these falling leaves, there’s several leaf craft ideas you can share with your child to spark the creative fire in them.  Here are our top favorite leaf crafting activities to share with your children this fall!

The Classic Leaf Rubbing

leaf craft leaf rubbing

Via CreativeChicksAtPlay 

This activity has long been passed down for generations, and it is our duty to pass it forward onto our children. All you have to do is lay paper on top of the leaf, and with a crayon (be sure to remove its paper label) rub against the paper to have the leaf’s shape appear! 

The Tree within the Leaf

leaf craft tree in leaf

Via Kleas

Similarly to leaf rubbing, using paint instead of crayons, if you blotch with several different colors onto the leaf, and before it dries, press it against paper, the shape of a beautiful tree would appear. The shape of the leaves’ veins often closely resemble a tree and its branches, leaving a beautiful message of nature’s heritage.

Leaf Necklaces 

leaf craft leaf necklace

Via KiwiCrate 

Any form of jewelry, may it be necklaces or bracelets, children usually have a lot of fun creating these pieces. Letting them pick their favorite beads and leaves, (or fake leaves as the article uses) they can spend time creating pretty jewelry that they’ll show off to the neighborhood!

Tree Portraits

leaf craft tree portrait

Via OurHouse 

With paper, ink, a dropper, glue and crushed leaves, your kids can create beautiful trees to hang in their rooms or the fridge. This inspires your child to analyze the structure of trees and take pride in their creative art.

Leaf People

leaf craft leaf people

Via AtHomeWithAli 

Even the skinnier leaves can be used for arts and crafts! Making little leaf people allows your kids to use different tools such as crayons, stickers, glitter, and felt to create uniquely crafted leaves.

It’s easy to forget that leaves are excellent tools for fun and creativity. So this fall, don’t get too frustrated with raking! Allow your kids help out with the leaf cleanup (to start them into good habits) and allow them to pick out their favorite leaves to work with! Collect the most beautiful leaves and get creative alongside them. This is the best time of year to have fun outdoors.

We at Crucial Vacuum hope you have enjoyed these leaf crafts, and wish you a happy fall!