Nov 10 2015

Routines to Follow To Improve Your Home Air Quality

home air quality mainThe cold season is coming, which means more family time is spent indoors. Which can be really great except if your air quality is poor, everyone is getting sick and then it causes of chain reaction of nasty congestion and sniffles being spread to each member of the household. Here are some tips to improving and maintaining a healthy home air quality to keep the sicknesses at bay.

Get Rid of Dust Mites 

home air quality dust miteDust mites are nasty little critters that burrow into mattresses and bedcovers. They have a tendency to act as a trigger for those suffering from asthma, and should be taken care of. It’s recommended to choose foam pillows rather than feathers, however it isn’t just your bedding, they can also hide in draperies, and fabric shower curtains. Frequently washing your bedding and draperies in hot water will help keep them away.

Minimizing Pet Dander

home air quality pet danderDuring the cold season our pets are spending a lot more time indoors, which means they are constantly shedding fur and dander all throughout our homes. This impacts the home air quality, as those who have allergy sensitivity will be especially affected. It is recommended to vacuum often, wash your pet at least once a week and keep them off furniture and bedrooms. As much as we love our pets, we don’t want to suffer too much.

Open/Close Windows

home air quality open windowWhen it is the pollen season or allergy season, keeping the windows closed can minimize the infectious contagions from entering your home’s air quality. However, when the weather is much colder, don’t be afraid to open the window. It may be uncomfortably cold, however allowing fresh air to circulate through your home will keep things fresher and feeling much better.

Clean Regularly

home air qualityIt may sound like an obvious tip, however when we say clean, it doesn’t mean just to organize but rather really deep clean. Do not dust cabinets or ceiling fans, instead use a damp rag to really pick up the dust and prevent it from floating in the air. Be sure to use mops for floors and check crevices and corners.

Manage the Humidity In your Home

home air quality humidityHaving mold and mildew thrive in the humid areas of your home allows them to reproduce by spewing spores into the air. Keeping the humidity level in your home below 50% and always making sure that there’s proper ventilation, allows rooms like the bathroom from developing mold. Another way to help alleviate humidity is to invest in a dehumidifier.

Installing Air Filters

home air quality air purifierAnd of course, air purifiers provide a huge help in clearing up your home air quality. These machines control the debris and pollutants that enter your home from heating and cooling systems. They trap pollen, pet dander, dust mites and so much more.

We at Crucial Vacuum also supply parts and accessories for many brands of air purifiers. So be sure to maintain your air purifier’s filters to ensure you’re breathing the best quality of air.

We hope that these tips will help with the coming cold season and we wish you a very warm and healthy fall season!