Feb 4 2016

Super Bowl Party Activities and Pranks for Each Type of Guest Pt. 2

Super bowl party activities 2 main

Last article, we talked about the first five of the top ten stereotypes of guests we saw at our Super Bowl parties. Here we’re going to look at the other five and give you some ideas about how to engage them so your party is one that will be remembered. Heck, your party may end up being so legendary, you’ll have to work doubly hard to top it next year.

6. The Bandwagon Jumper

super bowl party activities bandwagon

This fan is actually interested in the game, but only because they’ve decided that one of the teams is the one to love/hate. How they arrived at this conclusion doesn’t matter. They may have heard about how great/horrible this team was through social media or from their friends. Now that they’ve decided on their fandom, expect them to root or jeer for their chosen team with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

Best Super Bowl Activity: Now that we know who’s going to the big game on February 8th, this person is either a Panthers fan or rooting for the Broncos. Just because they’re late to the fandom doesn’t mean they’re less of a fan. Everyone started somewhere. Pair them up with the Rowdy One and let them both get excited, face painted, and rowdy together. At least you know the face paint will wash off before next season.


7. The Armchair Coach

Super Bowl Party Activities Couch Coach

It doesn’t matter how well either team is doing, as soon as they make one mistake, this party goer is going to tell anyone who will listen how that was the wrong play. Who in their right mind calls a screen play when it’s fourth and 1? This guy or girl will lead you to believe that if they were calling the plays, team X would have gone 16-0 in the regular season and completely dominated the opposing team in the Super Bowl.

Best Super Bowl Game: You know that spare television and Madden you had set up? Set it to coaching mode and let this friend take a crack at coaching Peyton or Cam Newton to a victory. While it won’t mirror the game exactly, this is still a great pre-game activity.


8. The Social Media Maven

Super Bowl Party Activities phone

There’s one good thing about this party attendee. They’re quiet; at least as long as you let them have your Wi-Fi password. How else are they going to stay connected to Twitter, Facebook, imgur, Instagram, and Pinterest? Once they’re safely connected to the internet, they’ll watch the game intently, letting the world know how they feel about the ref’s latest call in 140 characters or less, all the while steadfastly ignoring everyone else in the room. Unless you’re following them.

Best Super Bowl Activity: Pull out your laptop and set it up so it shows the trending Super Bowl tweets. If you have a newer Smart TV that connects to the internet, you can even set it up so tweets show up on screen. This may annoy some of your other guests, so test it out. However, letting your socially connected friend use a specific laptop station will definitely earn you some points.


9. The Girlfriend/Boyfriend

 Super Bowl Party Activities girlfriend

This person is here because they want to spend more time with their significant other. It doesn’t matter to this one who’s playing, what matters is their “shmoopie-kins.” If you’re lucky, you’ll get away with just some light PDA. However, if their beau is actually interested in the game, expect disappointed pouting before they start texting their friends about how they don’t know why they came to this stupid party in the first place.

Best Super Bowl Game: It’s tough being someone who’s only there to support a loved one’s activity. Often this person has no idea what’s going on and doesn’t really care. Introduce them to all the other types of guests to help draw them in. Let the Statistician explain the science behind the game, and let the Foodie take them on a tour of your spread. You may actually win them over and get them excited about the game, the food, or both.


10. The Normal Fan

Super Bowl Party Activities normal guy

Then there’s us. We’re the normal ones who just want to watch the game and enjoy some food. After all, it’s not as if we’ve ever complained about a bad call, or jumped up and down after a big play. Moreover, none of us are going to be checking our phones this Super Bowl to see what our friends are up to, right? And we’ve never quoted a stat about a player to prove how our team is the best if only the coach would stop calling ridiculous plays. Not us. Never.

Best Super Bowl Activity: You know, we’re all fans. Normal fans that get rowdy, love food, question plays and head to social media to rant or rave about game-related things. Your best activity? Let’s watch the game and enjoy it with our friends.

Green chili artichoke dip Super Bowl Party Activities



As promised, here are two awesome themed recipes you can serve at your party. The first is a Hatch Green Chili Artichoke Dip that is made and served at Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. It’s a wonderful dip to serve with pita or tortilla chips with a smoky heat provided by the green chili. If you can’t find Hatch Chilies, you can substitute in Anaheim chilies. The recipe is made to serve four, but we at Crucial have found that the base recipe will feed six when it’s part of a buffet spread. Double or triple the recipe as you need to for your party.




Pulled Pork BBQ Super Bowl Party Activities



The second recipe is a main course. When Carolina comes to mind, there’s one thing that comes to mind as well: barbecue. Of course, there are two main types of Carolina BBQ. The vinegar based sauce found in the east and the Piedmont sauce found in the west. As the Panthers come from Charlotte, we’re going to show you an awesome blend between the two. Start with a slow-cooked pulled pork shoulder that you made a day ahead of time in your crockpot with the recipe found here. Serve it with the BBQ finishing sauce and serve with coleslaw you get from the deli and plenty of good small buns.  We at Crucial Vacuum wish you the best of Super Bowl parties and encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see how we feel about the game.