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Nov 17 2015

Improving Your Focus While Working From Home PT. 1: Designing The Home Office

working from home mainWhether you’re at home parent, looking to make some extra money or decided to work from home for the day, it can become apparent that losing your focus and getting distracted is very easy. We believe that any person can work in any space as long as they are aware of the distractions around and ways to turn your home office into an actual workspace for productivity.

Your Home Office should be distraction free and get you into the working mindset. We have some tips to designing the perfect workspace to work improve your focus. Continue reading »

Nov 10 2015

Routines to Follow To Improve Your Home Air Quality

home air quality mainThe cold season is coming, which means more family time is spent indoors. Which can be really great except if your air quality is poor, everyone is getting sick and then it causes of chain reaction of nasty congestion and sniffles being spread to each member of the household. Here are some tips to improving and maintaining a healthy home air quality to keep the sicknesses at bay. Continue reading »

Nov 6 2015

10 Essential Food Ingredients That You Do Not Refrigerate

With Thanksgiving coming at the end of the month, we’re be planning on going grocery shopping in the coming week to better prepare ourselves. However, while researching ingredients and recipes, we’ve learned that there’s food ingredients that you do not refrigerate.

Some of these foods surprised us! So if you’re planning on shopping early and preserving your ingredients, be sure to not include these into your fridge!

1. Potatoes

do not refrigerate potatoesWe figured that keeping potatoes in the fridge would slow down the process of them going bad. However, what happens to potatoes in the fridge is that the starch will turn to sugar even quicker, so the potatoes become sweeter and grittier instead of the ideal taste.

Alternatively, storing them in a pantry, or anywhere that’s in darkness and within a paper bag. This will help allow the potatoes to breathe (so they don’t rot quickly) while not trapping its own moisture within the bag. If you can, store them as close as possible in a 45 degrees temperature. Continue reading »

Oct 29 2015

Fall Cleanup Tips: Safe and Time-Efficient Strategy for Picking Up Leaves

picking up leaves main

It’s finally here, that magical time of year where all the falling leaves litter the ground with beautiful colors. However, with beauty comes hard work and picking up leaves has become a life-long chore that we face each year.

We at Crucial Vacuum understand your pain, so we’ve compiled some friendly tips for picking up leaves this season so you can efficiently, quickly and safely finish your yearly chore. Continue reading »

Oct 27 2015

5 Healthy Uses for Coconut Oil That’ll Make You Stock Up!

uses for coconut oil mainIf you had told me a few years ago that coconut oil is nature’s best medicine, I would’ve laughed and poured more coconut juice into my piña colada. However, after some persuasion, and heavy Internet research, the amount of uses for coconut oil astounded me.

From moisturizing, to boosting brainpower, Coconut oil is really one of nature’s greatest medicines!

Here’s our top favorite uses for coconut oil that will eventually make us stock up and ensure to have its place in our medicine cabinets. Continue reading »